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Superhero Matchup!

Urdnot Wrex

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Aliases: N/A

Abilities: Peak human abilities (with Venom he has Superhuman physical abilities and healing), Genius-level intellect, master of martial arts.

Equipment: N/A

Home Location: Santa Prisca (currently Gotham City)

Urdnot Wrex

Aliases: N/A

Abilities: As a krogan, Wrex has superhuman durability, strength and longevity; Redundant nervous system and internal organs, and accelerated healing. Through the manipulation of mass effect fields, he is able to warp opponents' molecular structures to weaken them, throw them with powerful force or create a barrier to protect himself.

Equipment: Shotgun

Home Location: Tuchanka

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The Fight

Wrex came to his senses quickly… He’d been taken to some other place by this disembodied voice, for what? To fight? As strange as the situation was, Wrex found himself smiling. Finally, a chance to see some action instead of preventing petty infighting between his people. He was hopeful that his opponent would be worthy… but doubtful this would prove to be the case. Unlatching his shotgun from his back, Wrex fired two shots into the sky. “I am Urdnot Wrex, Chieftain of the great clan Urdnot! I’ve got a planet to run, so let’s get this over with!”

Bane heard the shots nearby. Apparently his opponent was an utter fool. Giving up any possibility of surprise? Smiling beneath his mask, Bane took off as quietly as his hulking frame allowed heading towards the noise. Before long he was close. He slowed his approach and edged near the corner of a crumbling stone structure.
Bane’s eyes narrowed as he looked at his opponent… he was like nothing he had ever seen. He was huge and hulking, much like Bane himself with yellowed skin, a huge hump and a jagged scar down his face. He paced a large courtyard, surrounded by tall stone buildings and a dried fountain standing in its middle. Bane would not be intimidated, however. Waiting for his opponent to turn his back, Bane leaped from cover and charged towards the alien creature.

Wrex whirled at the last minute to see a man, larger than any he’d ever seen, charging at him with ferocious speed. It was all he could do to raise his shotgun and fire a quick blast before the brute was upon him. The shot was a definite miss, but it grazed the man slightly. He didn’t slow at all, however. Wrex was pushed backwards, barely managing to keep his feet by wheeling his arms behind him, a weakness his foe exploited by wrenching the shotgun from his hands and throwing it across the courtyard. The two giants stood feet apart, staring each other down.

“Weapons?” laughed Bane, “Fight me like a man!”

Wrex smiled and raised his hand. The air around his hands warped and turned purple before a bolt of energy shot forth, slamming into Bane’s chest. Bane was launched clean off his feet and through the stone wall behind him. It would be some time before his implants recharged enough to perform another manoeuvre like that, but Wrex wasn’t concerned. As the dust settled, Wrex smiled and shouted, “Fight me like a krogan!”

Pulling himself from the rubble, Bane struggled to comprehend what had happened. This Wrex, a… krogan, was it? Was incredibly strong… He would need more than just his mind and natural abilities to defeat him. Venom was the only way. Bane reached across to his wrist and greatly increased the Venom injection rate. Now this alien would know who he was dealing with. Bane was suddenly flush with vigor as the Venom poured through his veins; his muscles bulged and he threw himself forward, knocking away any rubble that stood in his way.

Wrex saw his opponent charging and realized immediately he had underestimated him. He seemed to be even larger and was bearing down on him with a speed that was decidedly inhuman. He steeled himself for the impact. Bane slammed into him with such force that both of the brutes went flying backward through the air, demolishing another stone wall. There would be much damage before this was finished. Bane landed on top of the krogan, covered in debris, but didn’t slow himself for a second – he couldn’t afford to. He gripped the alien’s suit with both hands and grunting with effort tossed him back into the courtyard.

Bane rushed back into the open after his prey, hoping to avoid any falling debris by moving the fight into the clear courtyard. Wrex had managed to regain his footing and prepared himself for a close quarters brawl, which Bane was all too eager to oblige. The two titans locked arms, trying to wrestle the other to the ground, the only sound the heavy breathing and enraged grunting of desperation. Slowly but steadily, Bane began to push his foe back, until the krogan threw back his head and delivered a monstrous headbutt to Bane’s masked face. Startled, Bane slid back and Wrex started to gain the upper hand. Regaining his composure, Bane drew his own head back, and returned the favour, cracking his skull into the krogan’s bony head-plate. This time, it was Wrex’s turn to falter.

The huge human capitalized on the momentary lapse and began swinging at Wrex. Blow after blow rained down on him and it was all Wrex could do to keep them from landing unimpeded. His implants had recharged enough that he was able to throw up a biotic barrier to mitigate the damage, but for the first time Wrex was concerned it wouldn’t be enough. His thick, krogan arms were able to stop the powerful assaults, but only for so long and his own attacks couldn’t come as fast as the human’s could. Wrex had to hope he could wear his enemy down.

Bane threw another titanic punch to his opponents gut. He was powerful and Bane knew he would wear out before this creature did, as he barely seemed to be breaking a sweat, even though Bane was landing multiple shots. “You’re strong,” he said, “but you have to be more than that.”

He threw another fist at the krogans face, but it was deflected. Bane’s other fist managed to connect to his enemy’s side, but it seemed to do little damage. His skin and armor was nearly impervious to damage. “A true battle… against a worthy opponent… is like a game of chess” Bane spoke between throwing punches and trying to find weakness, “If you throw all your might at the enemy… you will only waste your power.”

A blow to the thigh did nothing to stumble Wrex, he was weathering the damage incredibly well. “Better to gauge and assess weakness… to let your foe throw his pawns away in vain…”

He aimed a mighty kick at the krogans oddly shaped legs and succeeded in staggering him, the alien’s head ducking forward. Finally, Bane had his chance. He clasped his hands together over his head and slammed them onto the hump on Wrex’s back. “And when your opponent betrays his weakness,” Bane said, grabbing the now prone krogan by the neck of his armor and his waist, “you must crush him without mercy.”

It took all of his strength, but slowly, Bane lifted Wrex above his head. Wrex struggled constantly, but once he was clear of the ground, there was little he could do to stop the incredibly powerful human. His implants had not recharged from the last use and he was helpless. With a roar of primal rage, Bane brought the huge alien crashing down over his knee, pressing downward until he felt the satisfying crack of his armor and then his spine. Exhausted, he let his limp opponent fall to the ground. “Checkmate,” he muttered.

Bane stood and walked away. He was utterly exhausted and damaged from the fight, but glad he had gotten the beast down quickly. His strength was incredible. Suddenly Bane heard a loud blast and was thrown to the ground, his back stinging with white hot pain. Turning slowly and agonizingly, he looked back and saw the krogan standing, smoking shotgun in hand.

“You talk too much,” he snarled.

Wrex wasted no time and leaped upon his downed opponent raining blows onto his face savagely. He was so filled with bloodlust that it was moments before he realized that his fist was now punching a crater into the dirt and that his enemy had disappeared.

“Excellent fight, krogan! Deliciously ferocious and wonderfully feral,” boomed the disembodied voice from all around Wrex, “Take your leave and rest until I call upon you once more…”

The Outcome

Victory – Wrex. Both are hugely strong brutes capable of inflicting massive damage. While Bane may have a slight edge in terms of strength and intelligence, Wrex is able to weather damage of a larger magnitude for far longer than Bane, and krogan organ redundancy only makes it nearly impossible for Bane to incapacitate him and gives Wrex the advantage.

The ArenaThis Matchup is part of "The Arena" storyline. Urdnot Wrex is property of Electronic Arts. Bane is property of DC Comics.

4 Comments on the Intro

  1. Carey Behm, March 8, 2012:

    My money is on Urdnot Wrex.

  2. Carey Behm, March 8, 2012:

    Can Bane even fight, if his Venom supply is cut off?

  3. Boss, March 8, 2012:

    Even without Venom, Bane is at peak-level human ability – that’s a level shared by Batman and Captain America. He’s also a master of martial arts, and has genius-level intellect. The Venom simply enhances all of his physical aspects to super-human levels.

  4. Carey Behm, March 12, 2012:

    Alright, thank you.

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