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Superhero Matchup!



Read our last three matchups to find out how these characters came to be in this situation.

Part 1

Leon stood over Ash Williams, gun pointed at his head. Thoughts raced through Leon’s head, but he didn’t have much time to think as the undead horde moved in on them. “Come on, partner… gimme a chance here. We’ll get out of this together and then we can sort this out, huh?” said Ash from the ground.

The undead had formed an unbroken circle around the two of them. Grudgingly, Leon stepped back and allowed Ash up. “I’m trusting you. Don’t make me regret it. Let’s clear a way out of here.”

Ash stood and with a nod, set off for the line of undead. Leon followed close behind. Ash laid into the undead with his chainsaw, clearing a path for the two men to escape through. Leon used his shotgun to clear away any that happened to get to close despite Ash’s efforts with the chainsaw. Within seconds, they were clear.

Leon didn’t want to wait for the undead to catch up to them, but Ash had stopped moving. He said nothing, but pointed ahead of them.  A woman was running towards them, a few zombies in between herself and the two men. Leon started to shout that she should stop and wait for them, but before he spoke, she drove a stake through a nearby creature’s chest. Without hesitating, she ran up the nearby wall, backflipping over a zombie. She aimed a kick at its knee, sending it to the ground and a swift roundhouse decapitated it. She spun, two knives flying loose from her hands and burying themselves in the heads of two more of the undead beasts. She ran toward the downed monsters and pulled a knife loose, which she used to bring down the last unfortunate zombie. “Groovy…” Ash spoke quietly. Leon just stared.

“I’d love to introduce myself, gentlemen, but I don’t think we have much time for that. Just call me Buffy. We’ve got to find somewhere safe. You don’t look very dead, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and trust you. Let’s keep moving.”

She didn’t wait for the men to respond, but took off the way she’d come. Ash and Leon shrugged and followed after her. Soon after, they heard gun fire in the distance.

The trio followed the sounds until they found themselves in an alley, the end of which was blockaded by a wooden construction. Buffy turned to lead them out, but the exit had filled with undead. “Think we can blast our way out?” she asked.

In response, Ash revved up his chainsaw, but instead of charging at the horde, he turned and but a small hole in the barricade. He grinned at Buffy and tapped his head at the temple. “After you, ma’am,” he said, motioning her towards the makeshift tunnel.

She went through and Ash motioned to Leon to take his turn. Leon hesitated but Ash grabbed him by the shoulder. “You spared me, so that makes you good in my books. Whatever is behind this wants us to fight each other, rather than them. I say screw that. I’ll slow ‘em down a bit, follow behind you guys and meet you where we heard the shots from.”

Leon nodded. “I’ll see you soon,” he said, before ducking into the hole.

Ash turned slowly and faced the growing horde. A quick jerk started up the chainsaw and he started firing into the crowd. His shotgun roared at his hip, dropping deadite after deadite. When they got close enough, Ash swung his chainsaw wildly, cutting the creatures down in a violent and primal rage. Suddenly, the undead crowd stopped pressing forward. “Hail to the king, baby!” Ash cried out.

His excitement was short lived, however. From around the corner of the alley came a hulking beast, easily fivefold Ash’s size. It walked in short lumbering steps, as if not used to its own body. Considering it seemed to be made of various body parts from the regular undead creatures, it might not have been. Suddenly, it gave out a ferocious roar and picked up a nearby deadite, hurling it at Ash. It struck him and knocked him to the ground. He stood quickly, finding himself face to face with the hideous monster. “Let’s dance,” he growled.

Buffy and Leon found the source of the noise at the exit from the alleyway. A house stood, intensely barricaded and a man in a sheriff’s hat was making minor repairs to the reinforcements. He turned and saw them coming and waved them over. When the two arrived, he stuck out his hand. “Name’s Rick. Me and another survivor are holed up inside… you’re welcome to join us if you want, but I warn you now. We got nothin’ for you to steal and we don’t take kindly to threats. We just want to stick together and get out of here.”

Buffy nodded, “That’s all we’re interested in. We’ve got one more coming; he should be right behind us.” Leon nodded his agreement.

“Good,” said Rick, “We’re gonna need all the help we can get. I think something big’s comin this way.”

Suddenly, a crash came from behind Buffy and Leon. They looked at each other as they realized that was the barricade that Ash was holding. From around the corner came the lumbering undead beast. Rick shouted to the others, “Come on, let’s get inside! We can hold out in there!”

Leon shook his head. “This is gonna get ugly…” He uttered.

To be continued…

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