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Superhero Matchup!

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Chapter 1: Team One Forms
Chapter 2: Team Two Forms
Chapter 3: The Confrontation
Chapter 4: Battle
Chapter 5: The Resolution

Chapter 1

“There was once (is, will be) a being who sits above all. He sits and watches, fascinated by the dwellers of Earth – past, present and future. Indeed, time has no meaning for him, nor space, nor any of the laws of the universe. He flips through dimensions and parallel universes as you or I would flip through the channels on TV.

At one point, in some time, in some place, He caused to exist a grand arena.”

The “Arena” itself has been described as the ruins of an ancient city, surrounded by insurmountable walls, and a tall tower, jutting directly from the center. There appears to be no other beings living there, and no roads lead in or out.

This shadowy figure, this omnipotent being, has drawn several people from different universes, different times, to fight for his amusement – or something else? Each battle has ended with the loser vanishing, while the victor is promised “an even bigger challenge yet to come“. But where are the victors now…? And what is this greater challenge??

The Combatants (Team 1):

The Team Forms

Captain America walked down the long hallway he had entered. The walls were the same sandy adobe colour as the city outside, but they weren’t stone like the buildings outside were. They were some sort of metal, designed to match the exterior. Earlier, a door had appeared in the alley next to his shield. He had been walking this hallway ever since, sometimes turning, occasionally climbing stairs… but never was there any way but forward.
Eventually he came to another doorway. Like the last, this one opened as soon as he approached, sliding sideways to reveal a circular room with a high ceiling. 5 other doors were present. 2 to either side of the one Steve emerged from and one more on a higher platform directly across from him. Confused as ever, Steve looked slowly around the room. Suddenly there was a hiss to his left as another door opened. Out stepped a tall thin man, with long blonde hair and oddly pointed ears. Before Cap could react, the stranger had an arrow knocked and pointed directly at Cap. “Another foe?” he spoke, “Or are you the one that brought me to this place?”

Cap raised his hands slowly, “I think I’m just as out of the loop as you are, friend. I just finished fighting for my life out there.”

Slowly the arrow drooped to point towards the floor. A hiss from the other three doors brought it back up, lightning fast. To the slender man’s left stepped another man, face obscured by a white hood. He drew his sword and took a wary stance. To Cap’s right came first a bearded man, clad in brown robes and carrying an object that emitted a humming beam of light. Further down came the strangest sight. A hulking brute in thick armor of some race Captain America had never seen emerged slowly leveling what looked like a huge shotgun at the other room’s inhabitants. This was going to get ugly…

Yet another door opening brought all eyes to the platform in the front of the room. Out stepped a black robed figure, moving in such a smooth fashion that it almost seemed to hover. It gestured its arms (or perhaps sleeves as there were no hands visible) outward toward the confused onlookers. They all recognized the voice, however.

“Welcome, warriors! You’ve done very well to get this far… but your journey is not at an end. Save your hostility for the future. You will need it. For now, know that you are not enemies, but allies. I’ve brought all of you here, and each of you went through a similar ordeal in order to have been selected. You will now have some time to get to know each other and train together until your final test commences.”

The 5 warriors looked warily around the room. None particularly desired anything except simply to go home… but it looked like that remained out of reach.

“Why should we keep fighting for you?” shouted Wrex, still clutching his weapon.

“Fight and win, and I shall send you home, never to be bothered again.”

This time Ezio spoke up, “And should we lose?”

The mysterious entity offered no reply except to turn and exit through the door it came from. “Figlio di…” muttered the assassin.

“I fear he speaks the truth. Victory may very well be our only way home,” spoke Obi-Wan, “however, I cannot say that I trust him. The Force… it does not touch him like mortal men.”

At this, the floor in the center of the room dropped down, forming a descending spiral staircase. Cap placed his shield back on his back and looked at his new teammates. “Well,” he said softly, “what are we waiting for?”

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The ArenaThis Matchup is part of "The Arena" storyline.

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