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Superhero Matchup!

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Chapter 1: Team One Forms
Chapter 2: Team Two Forms
Chapter 3: The Confrontation
Chapter 4: Battle
Chapter 5: The Resolution

Chapter 5: The Resolution

Captain America looked at his arm. The wound was not insignificant and would cause him trouble soon… Luckily the fight was nearing an end. He turned to see Obi Wan fighting with the dark skinned elf, the two of them moving nearly faster than he could make out. The hum of the Jedi’s lightsaber nearly drowned the singing whistle of the elf’s blades out as they swung, connected and swung again. Cap picked up his shield and rushed to help his ally finish off the expert swordsman.

Below Batman, Drizzt looked like his hands were full. The Jedi had him working hard, but they seemed to be keeping quite even. The enemy leader, however, was about to rush him from behind. Batman spread his cape and slowed himself down before extending his feet and dropping like a rock.

Obi-Wan sensed the approaching foe at the last instant. Dropping his defenses for a moment, he gave Cap a small push. Feeling the push, his superb reactions allowed him to raise his shield and roll sideways, narrowly being missed by the dropping Batman.  Drizzt capitalized on the opportunity by landing a kick to the Jedi’s chest, sending him sprawling. He leaped after the Jedi, both swords raised and bloodlust in his eyes. He swung the swords down, but their target was already gone. Turning, he saw the Jedi run up the wall next to him and, before Drizzt could react, returned the kick. The kick caught him square in the jaw and sent him reeling in the dirt.

Meanwhile, Cap and Batman glared each other down. Not wanting to waste what little surprise he had left, Batman let fly two quick shots with the batarang. Cap raised his shield to defend himself – but found that the wound Master Chief had left him prevented him from raising his shield as fast as he could prior to being injured. Both batarangs struck true and Captain America fell backwards as Batman heard his own ally hit the ground.

Obi-Wan charged his prone opponent with his lightsaber drawn. He was so focused on using all his speed and ability to end his opponent’s life before he could react that he failed to sense Batman’s grapple gun fire. It caught him in the chest and a sharp jerk sent him reeling over his target. Quickly, the Jedi flicked his blade and severed the connection before he hit the ground, rendering Batman’s grapple gun useless. This move cost him some time, however, and while he stumbled forward, Batman landed a blow to his chest, sending him backwards yet again.

Cap stood, angered at his hindered mobility. He wouldn’t allow it to stop him, however. With a roar, he stood and charged Batman, who was tossing away his now useless grapple gun. He dove at him from behind and tackled him to the ground. The two went skidding across the dirt and began grappling. The blows were coming fast now, with both combatants taking as much damage as they dealt. Both fighters were master martial artists, and the stakes were as high as they could be. Cap crouched over Batman’s body and rained blows down on his opponent, who struggled to block them with his armored wrists. When the Captain’s balance was thrown by a particularly strong attack, Batman used the momentum against him – lifting his lower body, he flipped Cap over his head and into the wall of a building next to them. He quickly picked himself up and continued the assault, this time in a much better position.

Drizzt and Obi-Wan were left alone. Again, they rushed to meet each other, blades whirring and clashing violently. Neither opponent seemed to tire or give any ground. They used every surface as part of the battle field, their agility unmatched by any of the previous combatants. Drizzt dodged a low sweeping blow by leaping against a nearby wall and came down attacking yet again. The battle seemed to be at a standstill and Drizzt needed to finish his opponent to aid Batman in defeating the enemy leader. It was time to finish this. Drizzt conjured his globe of darkness and prayed that his instincts would carry him through.

As the darkness washed over Obi-Wan he spent a mere moment to question his opponent’s plan, and continued his attack. His lightsaber hummed as he swung at where he sensed his opponent. He was now blind, and the Force was all that would guide him. Drizzt, blind in the darkness as well, kept his attacks coming rather than retreating. His instincts led him, blind or not, and his strikes continued to ring true against the Jedi’s lightsaber. Obi Wan was in awe of his enemy’s mastery without any obvious use of the Force. Had things been different, he would have loved to have been able to show this remarkable being to other Jedi and learn what they could from him, or even train him as Jedi. Not that he needed much training. Obi-Wan’s mind raced as he struggled to think of how to turn this battle.

Batman and Captain America continued to struggle against each other, and with a swift kick, Batman knocked Captain America to the ground. He turned quickly to look behind him and saw that Drizzt and Obi Wan were encased in a thick cloud of darkness. He had no way of knowing if Drizzt needed aid, but would be as likely to cause Drizzt’s death as he would be to save his life if he went in. It was just him and Captain America, it seemed. He moved back in to continue confronting his shielded opponent.

Obi-Wan soon realized that this battle, too, was reaching a stalemate. It was his turn to take drastic action and to follow his gut. With one more flourish and a quick roll, he sheathed his lightsaber. There was a small distance between him and his opponent, but Drizzt turned and swung his twin scimitars at Obi-Wan. However, without the soft hum of the lightsaber, he found it hard to home in on exactly where he was. This was exactly what the Jedi had hoped for. He leaped and dodged attacks, sneaking closer to the elf, who continued to attack mercilessly. Once he was close, he felt an ice cold sensation as Icingdeath bit into his arm. Obi-Wan was perfectly focused however, and the pain soon vanished. He aimed a mighty kick at the Drow and, with some aid from the Force, sent him flying backwards.

Batman and Captain America were both bloodied and weakening. Underneath his mask, Batman felt a black eye forming already. The two were exhausted, but not nearly finished yet. Suddenly, Batman saw Drizzt fly from outside his cloak of darkness. He struck a wall and slid to the ground, dazed. Obi Wan leaped out immediately after and landed on Drizzt, lightsaber drawn. In a quick movement, he ran Drizzt through.

Batman realized he was outnumbered and there was little way he could hope to last against the Jedi without weaponry. The time for a clean fight was past; he needed what little time he had. With a swift punch to the stomach, Batman brought Cap to a knee. He slammed his fist into the bullet wound on his enemy’s shoulder. When Captain America cried out and pulled away, Batman pounded a booted heel into his lower leg and heard a satisfying crack. Quickly, he turned and launched himself at the Jedi.

Obi-Wan was saddened that he had to end the fight that way, especially against such a worthy opponent. He barely had time to think about Captain America before he was tackled to the ground by Batman. The huge, caped man wasted no time in landing blows against his opponent. Once Obi-Wan realized what was happening, he quickly used his remaining strength to push Batman backward and give himself some breathing room. He drew his lightsaber and dropped into a defensive stance, unsure of his new opponent’s abilities. Batman leaped at him once again, dodging the lightsaber attacks. He was slowing at this point and was using every ounce of his strength just to avoid being cut in half, but the wound Drizzt had left Obi Wan with reduced his range of motion, allowing Batman to get in close. With a swift move, he grabbed Obi-Wan’s wrist and disarmed him. Obi-Wan’s lightsaber skittered harmlessly away.

Cap watched in agony as he lay bleeding on the ground. He couldn’t stand and was practically useless, but he wasn’t out of the fight yet. Batman was giving all he had to put Obi Wan down quickly. He knew he didn’t have much fight left. Captain America gripped his shield and, grimacing through the white hot pain, hurled it towards Batman. It struck him in the knees and knocked him into the air. Obi-Wan capitalized on this and Force pushed him backwards. Batman flew through the air and landed in a heap next to Captain America.

Obi-Wan extended his hand and his lightsaber flew into it. He drew it and walked slowly towards his battered foe. He raised his lightsaber, prepared to finally end this war. Cap extended an arm and spoke softly. “Wait,” he said, “Give him a moment.”

Batman looked up and saw Captain America sitting against the wall, his body bloody and beaten, much like his own. Slowly, and in obvious pain, Captain America sat up straight and extended his hand. Batman looked at it, confused. For a moment, it hung there… then Batman grasped it tightly. The two men locked eyes, saying nothing. They both knew the other fought with everything he had for something greater than himself. When they finally released their grasp, Batman vanished.

Only Obi-Wan Kenobi and Captain America remained.

Team 1 was victorious.

The ArenaThis Matchup is part of "The Arena" storyline.

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