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Superhero Matchup!

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Chapter 1: Team One Forms
Chapter 2: Team Two Forms
Chapter 3: The Confrontation
Chapter 4: Battle
Chapter 5: The Resolution

Chapter 3: The Confrontation

The time had come. The teams had formed. They had trained together, formulated strategies under their leaders and come to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The arena had been created, another vast cityscape, this time with curved streets, tall, balconied buildings and wide streets and gaps between structures. The stage was set and the players were ready.

Batman entered the arena with his team and surveyed the new surroundings. It looked to be rather similar to the last, with a few slight differences. Turning, he nodded to his team mates. The plan was already decided on, and they didn’t need to waste precious moments reiterating it. He, Master Chief and Sniper Wolf would form the aggressive strike team, while Harry and Drizzt worked together to pick off stragglers or break other small groups. They all knew the jobs they had to do, and what the cost of failure was.

Captain America, too, had formulated a plan with his group. As they entered the arena, he spoke quickly and tersely. “We all know what’s at stake here, so let’s not take any chances. Stay in your groups and keep close watch on each other. We’ll only get through this working together. If things get too heated, get out and lose anyone following you. We’ll regroup here and debrief after first contact with the enemy.”

The rest of his team nodded. They’d come to respect him as a brilliant leader and tactician, unafraid to make the tough calls and lay it all on the line for the good of the team. Captain America gave Urdnot Wrex and Obi-Wan a nod as they headed off. They fought remarkably well together, each of them filling in the shortcomings of the other. He then turned and looked at Legolas and Ezio. Unslinging his shield, he spoke, “You know what to do.”

In a wide street, not too far from where Batman’s team had started, Master Chief stood in the centre of the street, waiting. Batman was above on the rooftops acting as his eyes. Before long, he gave the signal. Not too far down the street, Obi-Wan and Wrex rounded the corner to see Master Chief waiting. “Finally!” shouted Wrex.

“Be careful, friend… I sense a trap,” cautioned Obi-Wan.

Wrex took a moment to set up a Mass Effect barrier for some extra protection and then took off running. As soon as he started his charge, Master Chief began sprinting forward as well. Master Chief fired his standard issue assault rifle wildly, hitting Wrex with only a few rounds, which fell harmlessly to the ground. Wrex leveled his shotgun to fire a wild blast at his human enemy, when a massive blow sent him flipping backwards and tore his shotgun from his grip. Then he heard the tell-tale crack of the sniper rifle that had launched the bullet. Master Chief had paused for a moment, thinking Sniper Wolf’s shot had done the trick. Wrex, however, had other plans. He stood slowly… his barrier was obliterated, but other than that he wasn’t too badly injured. In another moment, he was sprinting again. Master Chief wasted no time in continuing the charge.

The next time Wrex heard the rifle crack, he felt no impact. Obi-Wan stood, light saber drawn and hand outstretched. The Jedi was deflecting the bullets. High on a balcony, Sniper Wolf cursed under her breath. The two warriors were now meters from each other and as they came close to contact, Obi-Wan gave his newfound Krogan friend a shove. The impact when the two collided was devastating, but thanks to the Obi-Wan, Wrex managed to come out on top. The two grappled, trading blows savagely.

Then, from the roof tops above, Batman dropped behind Obi-Wan. The Jedi turned, lightsaber drawn, and began to swing at the caped crusader. Batman stayed back, ducking and dodging, attacking only rarely. Obi-Wan knew he was only trying to keep him occupied… but there was little he could do. Meanwhile, Wrex was dealing incredible damage to Master Chief, and it was nearly all the Spartan could do to simply keep himself alive. With a final, exhausting effort, he pushed the Krogan aside, creating a space of a few small inches between the warriors. Inches were all Sniper Wolf needed. This time, Wrex didn’t hear the crack of the sniper rifle.

When Obi-Wan heard it, however, he knew that battle was lost. With a wave, he sent Batman flying backward into the wall, and sprinted away down a side alley, where he would be safe from gunfire. The Force aided him in speeding away before the other three could catch him.

Batman extended a hand to Master Chief and helped him to his feet. “Are you alright?” he asked.

“Armor is heavily damaged… it’s going to slow me down. I don’t think my shields are operating fully. Probably have more than a few broken bones and I lost quite a bit of blood before the suit stopped the bleeding… Nothing I can’t handle”

“Good,” said Batman, “We have a lot of work left to do.”

Meanwhile, Captain America and Legolas stood back to back, slowly moving from street to street; Legolas’ sharp eyes and Cap’s enhanced senses stretched to their limits watching for threats. It wasn’t long before they found one. Legolas and Captain America shouted in unison, each letting the other know that they had seen an enemy. Harry Potter had emerged from a building in front of Captain America and Legolas was faced with Drizzt Do’Urden, his twin scimitars Twinkle and Icingdeath in hand. The two were surrounded.

Harry began firing Stupefy spells at the duo, but Captain America easily deflected the bolts with his shield, much to Harry’s surprise. As this was happening, Legolas fired an arrow at Drizzt and, as soon as the arrow was off, the duo spun around, allowing Legolas to fire again at Harry. Again they turned, and Cap protected the elven archer from Harry’s attacks. Drizzt, faced with an arrow flying directly toward him, sidestepped and leaped off the side of the nearby building, masterfully dodging the attack. He was now too close for Legolas to fire at again, which forced Legolas to draw his own blade to fight off the dark skinned elf. Meanwhile, Harry had deflected Legolas’ arrow with a Deprimo spell, causing a gust of wind to send the arrow rolling away harmlessly.

Now that Harry had a moment to think, he levelled his wand toward the ground at Captain America’s feet and shouted, “Expulso!”

As the bolt raced toward the ground, Cap pushed Legolas away and put his shield and his body between the bolt’s destination and the elf. When the bolt struck, the ground exploded incredibly violently, sending Captain America flying through the air. He struck the wall of a nearby building and crashed through. He lay in the rubble, unmoving. The elven bowman was now exposed, and Harry aimed his wand to stupefy him and allow Drizzt to finish him off. Before he could make a sound, however, Ezio dropped to the ground beside the wizard. Harry barely even felt the hidden wrist blade that killed him.

Legolas and Drizzt were locked in combat together, their swords singing as the sound of metal on metal filled the air. With his single blade, Legolas was struggling to keep up with the other elf’s two deadly blades. “You fight incredibly well, brother,” said Drizzt, “And I would be honoured to continue. However, I fear that I haven’t the time.”

The two blades wielded by the dark elf became blurs. Legolas had been pushed to his limit before, but now, with shock in his eyes, realized that he had only been testing him. His true blade prowess was unlike any that Legolas had seen. With a flourish, Drizzt feinted with one blade, causing Legolas to drop his guard. Drizzt ran him through with the other blade, feeling truly regretful that the two were forced to be enemies. As Legolas fell, Drizzt saw Ezio rushing towards him, blade drawn. More daunting, however, he saw Captain America emerge from the rubble. Quickly, he dropped an orb of darkness around him and made his escape.

With his eagle vision, Ezio could see where the elf had fled… but knew he was no match for him in a straight fight. With a sigh, he resigned himself to return to Captain America and regroup. “We killed the enemy wizard… but it would seem we lost our bowman.”

“I thought we agreed to incapacitate before killing. Our enemies are likely stuck here just like we are and are fighting us through no choice of their own.”

“Si, si… and yet they do not hesitate to kill us. Nothing is true, Captain… and everything is permitted.”

Captain America’s stony face betrayed nothing. With a sigh, he turned and headed back to their muster point… Hopefully Wrex and Obi-Wan had fared better than they had.

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The ArenaThis Matchup is part of "The Arena" storyline.

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