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Superhero Matchup!

Sniper Wolf

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Sniper Wolf

Aliases: Unknown

Abilities: Expert marksman, expert survival skills, basic hand-to-hand training

Equipment: Heckler & Koch PSG-1 Sniper Rifle (with mercury-lined bullets)

Home Location: Iraqi Kurdistan


Aliases: Floyd Lawton

Abilities: Expert marksman,trained in hand-to-hand combat, excels particularly in ways to quickly assassinate an enemy. (With Deadshot suit) Durable, able to withstand explosions, gunshots or electric shocks at close range.

Equipment: Wrist-mounted guns, various other guns and explosives (per requirement)

Home Location: Gotham City

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The Fight

Sniper Wolf awoke in a new place… some sort of pristine white city. Immediately she knew that this was no joke, that this was a battlefield. It had that battlefield feeling about it… Without delay she sprang into action, checking the chamber of her PSG-1 and then sprinting down the street. The buildings around her rose to varying heights… but fairly near to her was one that rose higher than most others nearby. She headed straight for it and found that there was a small opening that allowed her entrance and inside, a spiral staircase to the rooftop. Smiling at the short amount of time she had spent on the streets, she sprinted to the rooftop and lay down. She raised the rifle scope to her eyes, ensuring the sun was behind her and began to survey the city beneath her.

Deadshot looked around himself at the strange new surroundings. He knew he’d need to get to some higher ground to scout the place out and get a feel for its size and where his foe could be… he picked a nearby building and it, like many others he had seen, seemed to have a single entrance and a stairway leading to the roof. He came out to the top and gazed around… the city stretched on in all directions until it abruptly ended, but he could see only blue sky beyond its borders. Above, in the centre of the city, floated some sort of large building. No doubt whoever brought him here was watching from up there… Deadshot continued scouring the landscape with his helmet’s built-in binoculars for his target… but couldn’t find one. He would have to stay mobile, finding new vantage points and listening with his augmented senses for his foe. And when he heard them, take them out before they even knew he was there.

On her rooftop, Sniper Wolf lay motionless. She had spotted a man in a strange suit with one red eye run down a street, into a building and emerge on its roof. He had knelt momentarily, scanned his surroundings and vanished as quickly as he had come. He didn’t know what sort of opponent he was fighting, so he was opting to stay on the move and not get himself caught unawares… smart. She had him square in her sights, but she kept her finger off the trigger. Instead, she watched him. He would burst around corners, one arm raised and sweeping the street. That must be some sort of weapon. Long range judging by the way he held it ready when he stood on a rooftop. Sniper Wolf watched her opponent and learned all that she could. She had hours to spare.

Deadshot was getting frustrated. He’d been moving through the city for what must have been at least an hour and had seen nothing of his opponent. He was beginning to think he’d been fooled when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of blonde hair for just a moment. There was his mark. On a rooftop not far away… and she was quick. As soon as he had turned his head, the hair had disappeared and there was nothing but an empty rooftop. But he knew she was there and she would appear again, or else at the doorway below. He made certain to keep both the roof and the building’s entrance in view. He moved slowly across his own roof, knelt and raised a wrist to fire when she showed herself again.

Sniper Wolf had moved back from the ledge after the man had seen her. The hour or so she had watched him hadn’t been without benefit, however. His attitude and the way he lifted that arm so threateningly had her believing that he would be waiting for her, ready to fire as soon as she raised her head up. He was confident and she had no reason to believe he would miss. With this one, she would play it safe. She was sure she was the better shooter… but she was pinned. She would not be beaten, however. Rather than raise her head for a shot, she scooted backwards, and turned to face the doorway that was the entrance to the rooftop. She lay slightly behind it, so that anyone entering the rooftop would have to turn to see her. She levelled her PSG-1 at the entrance and waited yet again.

This was getting ridiculous. Deadshot considered himself to be in great shape, but he was having serious difficulty holding his arm up this long. There was no sun in the sky, only light that seemed to come from nowhere, so he had no way of gauging time. Judging by how hungry he was becoming, it had been hours since he’d seen his foe. His hand started to shake from hunger. There was no way he could make a shot at this distance, he admitted to himself grudgingly. He would have to take this fight to the enemy. Keeping his eyes on the rooftop, he headed back toward the street as silently as he could.

Sniper Wolf hadn’t moved an inch. The hunger pains had started to kick in, and she had begun to shake. Slowly, without removing her finger from the triggers, she moved her left hand to her waist pouch and removed a pill. Diazepam. She swallowed the pill and within moments, her aim was once again steady.

Deadshot had found the building and entered at the bottom level. He was getting exhausted and knew he’d have to end this quick. He climbed the stairs slowly and as quietly as he could and a few steps from the doorway, he waited. He could hear his enemy… a woman. Breathing rhythmically and slowly; perfectly calm. She was outside the door, behind and to his left, waiting for him. From what he had seen from the street, on the right was nothing but open air and the ground, many stories below. Deadshot smiled to himself. It was a pity to have to kill such a smart girl, but she was his contract and that was the end of it. He checked his wrist-mounted guns and took one last deep breath before bursting out into the sunlight.

Everything happened in under a second. Sniper Wolf saw the shot appear and, without a moment of thought, let it happen. Like every other shot in recent memory, she didn’t take the shot, but simply let it be. Deadshot had fully whirled around and blasted his own shot away with his right hand. The bullet flew from his wrist and struck his target, but he was tired and starving and being forced to spin around to make the shot caused it to go high. Sniper Wolf felt the bullet pierce her leg. At the exact same moment, Deadshot was struck dead in the eye. The bullet shattered the lens on his helmet and caused him to reel backwards. He fought to regain his balance, and struggled to see through the shattered helmet that had saved his life. Then came the soft, high pitched sound of a shell casing hitting the ground and the gritty, metallic click of a rifle cocking. He raised his arm to fire once again, but before he could even compose himself, felt another bullet impact his chest. He was just off balance enough that, when he was struck, he took a step backward to regain his composure. His foot found nothing but air. Deadshot’s last thought as he fell through the air was to marvel at how this woman’s rifle was more an extension of her own arm than his own weapons were.

Sniper Wolf hoped the fall had killed him. With her leg bleeding profusely, she had little hope of assaulting him again. She didn’t move, however, and kept her sights trained on the door as she bled. Suddenly, she heard a voice, the same voice she had heard earlier, “Well done, Marksman. Your endurance and commitment are to be commended. Welcome to my army.”

The Outcome

Victory – Sniper Wolf. While Deadshot may have the advantage in a straight hand to hand fight, Sniper Wolf will do everything in her power to prevent that from happening. She will stalk her opponent like her namesake, learning all she can and tiring him out, before allowing him to walk into her trap.

The Arena Pt. 2This Matchup is in part 2 of "The Arena" storyline. Sniper Wolf is property of Konami, Deadshot is property of DC comics

4 Comments on the Intro

  1. Ben, May 15, 2012:

    Speaking strictly towards sniping, I think Wolf takes it. But, If Deadshot got anywhere near Wolf it’s game over. Deadshot is hands down the better combatant but since this is a fight for the marksman spot it could go either way.

  2. Dakota McIntire, May 17, 2012:

    following most of the battle so far, this fight will probably end up in a hand to hand fight, so I’m gonna give advantage to Deadshot

  3. Aidan, May 18, 2012:

    deadshot made a kil by bouncing the bullets off mutiple surfaces and still got the kill he is by far the better marksman,
    if it does turn into a close quarter fight deadshot would kill wolf in less than a second

  4. Dakota McIntire, May 19, 2012:


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