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Superhero Matchup!

Ra's Al Ghul
Ezio Auditore

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Ra's Al Ghul

Aliases: Head of the Demon

Abilities: Superb hand to hand combat and fencing abilities, genius level intellect, master strategist. Thanks to the Lazarus Pits, he has many lifetimes of training and knowledge, and is very nearly immortal.

Equipment: Sword and basic alchemical concoctions.

Home Location: Deserts of Arabia

Ezio Auditore

Aliases: N/A

Abilities: Eagle vision, incredibly stealthy, highly skilled at martial combat, specifically the sword and other weapons, but is adept with in hand to hand combat as well.

Equipment: Sword and dagger, hidden musket shot firearm and spring action wrist blade and crossbow.

Home Location: Florence, Italy

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The Fight

Ezio leaped across the rooftops of the strange new city he found himself in. Though crumbled and decaying, they were more than adequate to support him; in fact, they were not unlike the crumbling buildings of old Rome. Ezio wondered to himself where he was and how he’d gotten here… but there wasn’t much time for questions. Whoever had brought him here hadn’t seen fit to give him many answers, other than that hesitation could mean death. The master assassin had no desire to see what would happen if he ignored the voice’s warnings. Finding a higher vantage point, he scanned the ruins with his eagle eye.

Ra’s al Ghul was also busy at work preparing for this unexpected showdown. He had decided to hole up and take a defensive approach to the fight. He had no idea what to expect from his opponent, so he would take no foolish risks. With the meager equipment he had on him when he was transported, Ra’s was busy rigging the building he had found himself in with traps to cripple his opponent. It was fortunate he had been busy at work when he was taken here. He still had many of his alchemical concoctions on hand, many of which would prove vitally useful. A vial of acid atop a creaky door would give his enemy pause. Childish and simple, certainly, but it would get the job done. He drank a potion himself to bring clarity to his mind and strength to his arm. Ra’s toyed with the vial of hallucinogenic that was intended for Batman – certainly it would give an advantage. He kept it on his belt and would only use it if absolutely necessary. It had taken far too long to synthesize to warrant use on some simple fool.

A yellow glow through the mist alerted Ezio to the location of his opponent. He was hunched over, tinkering with something. Then Ezio noticed a few minor reddish glows through his eagle eye… traps! His opponent was no fool and had been preparing for him. Ezio smiled to himself and leaped from the building he stood upon. He approached the door silently and cautiously, carefully being aware of any other possible traps that he had not yet seen. The best approach would be fast, silent and ferocious. Ezio checked his hidden gun one last time. Hopefully, this would be quick and simple. With a powerful kick, Ezio sent the door swinging inward. The vial that had been waiting for his head smashed harmlessly to the floor. In a single deft movement, Ezio raised his arm towards the cloaked figure across the room. He took aim and fired, but a moment too late. His adversary had thrown something to the ground and disappeared in a flash and puff of smoke. This may have been a mistake.

Ra’s was pleased. His opponent was no simpleton, but had known the best possible method for flushing him out of his hole… he was skilled, indeed. However, he remained unconcerned as he approached the white clothed figure from behind. He knew not who he was dealing with, and that would be his downfall. As Ra’s drew his sword quickly, his opponent whirled, drawing his own sword. A duel, then. Ra’s was all too eager to begin.
The two swords clashed, the clatter ringing through the abandoned city. Ra’s pressed forward with his scimitar with unbridled fury and inhuman strength lent to him by his potions. It was all Ezio could do to keep the sword from biting flesh. He was pushed back through the doorway as blow after blow rained down on him. It was clear that he would be victorious in this manner. Ra’s continued forward, smiling toothily. A few more moments and his opponent would be worn down and defeated. Ezio felt the stone wall against his back and knew he would have to change this situation or face the cold bite of his enemy’s steel. Desperately, he dove forward using all his strength to push his opponent back. These vials he had seemed to be the key to his power… perhaps Ezio could use them to his own advantage. With a mighty swing, he pushed the saber away and reached forward to the orange vial on his foe’s belt. It came loose easily and Ezio raised it above his head. Ra’s realized what was happening, but too late. He cried out as the vial came crashing down.

“No, you fool!”

The world exploded in an orange haze and Ezio wasted no time. He turned and ran out the opposite door to regroup. There was no way he would defeat his enemy head on like that… he was far too powerful, a master swordsman. As Ezio climbed atop the neighboring building and leaped to the next, he noticed something was different… the light was clearer, sunnier. Was he home? As he looked over the cusp of the building, he realized what it was. The city was no longer deserted. Crowds of people bustled to and fro conducting mundane business. Was this some new trick to keep things interesting? No matter, Ezio thought – he would try and use it to his advantage to trap his opponent.

Ra’s was fuming. This imbecile had destroyed months of work in an act of futile desperation and in so doing had complicated matters. Now they had these imaginary crowds to deal with. Ra’s however, knew he had the advantage. He was well aware of how fake this was, that it was merely a figment of his imagination. He also knew, however, that the two of them would be sharing the hallucination. Therefore, perhaps he could use this new development to crush his foe.

Ezio stood within a dense group of folk that were headed toward his foe. He had seen the yellow glow through his eagle eye and knew that his only chance was to beat the enemy assassin with stealth. As they approached, Ezio flexed his arms and tested his sword in its sheathe. One last chance.

Ra’s scanned the crowd intensely. No doubt this enemy assassin was frightened and would be hiding or regrouping after his last embarrassing defeat. He’d have to scout him out and destroy him as quickly as possible, before he had a chance to collect himself. Whirling around noticed a group that looked strange… and was getting oddly close. At the last possible second, he realized his mistake. He drew his saber and cut through the apparitions and connected with his foe’s sword. He had to act so quickly that both swords went clattering away down the open courtyard.

Ezio was shocked that he’d been discovered so quickly, but he wasted no time in compensating for it. He leaped toward his enemy and both began exchanging blows. Ra’s was pleased that it had come to this as he was unconcerned about a close physical confrontation. A blow to the chest sent Ezio sprawling and Ra’s capitalized by leaping atop him and sending the two assassins to the ground. Reaching into Ezio’s bandolier, he drew a throwing knife and pushed it toward the assassins throat. Ezio caught his wrist and pressed against him with all his might. Slowly, very slowly, the knife approached his throat. Ezio raised his other arm and clawed at al Ghul’s face, trying to buy himself a few more seconds. With a snarl, Ra’s pressed harder. Ezio’s hand slipped down his opponents face, but he managed to get it to his neck and with a flick of his wrist, sent his hidden blade into Ra’s al Ghul’s throat.

The world went white and Ezio laid his worthy adversary to the ground. “You fool,” said Ra’s, “You’ve ruined all my plans… and likely doomed my world. I was so close to convincing Batman… to gaining his aid.”

“Batman?” said Ezio, “I’m afraid I don’t know any bat people… I’m sorry, friend. Know that you fought well… and that if I ever see this man, I will let him know of your passing and that you fought bravely and ferociously. Requiescat in pace.”

With that, Ra’s disappeared and Ezio was left alone.

“Well done, master assassin!” the ethereal voice boomed,  “You truly are the master of your trade. Now rest until I call you again… you’ve certainly earned it!”

The Outcome

Victory – Ezio. While Ra’s is the greater combatant, Ezio’s eagle eye ability will always give him the advantage of surprise, while keeping himself from being caught unawares. Coupled with his unorthodox willingness to try anything in a fight that could give himself the advantage, Ezio has the advantage over Ra’s al Ghul.

The ArenaThis Matchup is part of "The Arena" storyline. Ra's Al Ghul is property of DC Comics, Ezio Auditore is property of Ubisoft

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