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Superhero Matchup!

Obi Wan Kenobi

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Obi Wan Kenobi

Aliases: Ben Kenobi

Abilities: Skilled swordsman, (with the Force) Superhuman acrobatic ability and speed, Precognition, Telekinesis, Persuasion/Mind Control, Animal Friendship.

Equipment: Blue-bladed Lightsaber

Home Location: Stewjon


Aliases: Officer Austin

Abilities: Formed of "liquid metal", able to shapeshift, regenerate, and form blades & weapons out of its own body. Superhuman speed and strength.

Equipment: N/A

Home Location: Skynet

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The Fight

Obi-Wan’s eyes narrowed as he un-clipped his lightsaber from his belt. The blade of light flashed open with a hiss. He focused on the presence of his opponent, and approached cautiously.

“I have a bad feeling about this…” he muttered. He walked down a narrow corridor, tall, crumbling stone walls on either side. His bright blue lightsaber hummed and illuminated the shadows. As his Jedi senses told him that he drew closer to the unseen stranger, the corridor opened into a wide clearing.

Obi-Wan paused for a moment, then leaped into the clearing, prepared for anything. His eyes swept around him as he raised his lightsaber, ready to strike – but there was no one to be seen.

The T-1000 oozed up from a pool of liquid metal behind the human holding the glowing tool, silently taking form. Analysis of the item reported plasma within a containment field – most likely a weapon. It must be neutralized.

As soon as the machine had taken his humanoid form he moved with inhuman speed, reaching his hands around Obi-Wan’s neck. Obi-Wan spun at the last instant, detecting the danger, but not quickly enough to stop the T-1000 from knocking the lightsaber from his hand and sending it clattering across the clearing. The Terminator’s steely grip squeezed around his throat and forced him to the ground in one fluid movement. Lights danced in front of the Jedi’s eyes as his oxygen supply diminished. The T-1000 raised its other arm to strike, morphing the forearm and hand into a long, silver blade, its gleaming tip poised to plunge into Obi-Wan’s face.

The Jedi gathered his will and channeled the Force, thrusting both hands between his body and the strange being straddling him. His Force Push blasted the T-1000 off of him and through one of the crumbling walls of the adjacent buildings. Obi-Wan struggled to his feet.

“Shapeshifters.” he grunted, and moved toward the hole in the wall. As the dust settled he saw his opponent lying still, several broken metal pipes protruding through his body.

Suddenly, unbelievably, the T-1000 melted away into a puddle of silver, before inching forward and slowly regaining his shape. In a moment, he stood fully formed before Obi-Wan once more. His arms now both flowed into long blades. In a burst of motion, he sped towards the Jedi, blades flashing in a whirlwind.

Obi-Wan flipped backwards, just out of reach of the metal blades, pulling his lightsaber from across the clearing and activating it in an instant. The glowing blade flashed once, twice, and the metal bladed arms fell to the ground.

The T-1000 paused and looked up at Obi-Wan, smirking. No sooner had his arms hit the ground than they turned to liquid and reformed with his body. Once more the blades formed, and with inhuman speed whipped outward, stretching to cover the distance between the two opponents. Obi-Wan quickly spun to avoid, but one blade slashed cleanly through his bicep. He cried in pain and once again slashed off the metal appendage. With a powerful blast of Force energy, he grabbed the Terminator and pinned him to the ground. Leaping to cover the distance, his lightsaber flashed again and again in a dance of blue light, slashing off every limb and slicing the torso into tiny chunks. Splatters of liquid metal flew out in all directions.

Finally, Obi-Wan plunged his blade directly into the blankly staring face and held it there. The T-1000’s head quickly melted and warped as it desperately tried to compensate for all the damage.

Then, an instant later, the T-1000 was simply gone, and Obi-Wan Kenobi knelt on the ground, lightsaber blade hilt-deep in the stone street. A familiar voice boomed from above.

“Well done, Master Jedi. You overcame a particularly difficult foe. You can rest now, and meditate… but don’t worry, I see that I will have need of you again soon enough… “

The Outcome

Victory – Obi-Wan Kenobi. The T-1000’s main advantage is in his resilience and ability to heal himself, but it is not a “perfect” healing factor – accumulated damage will eventually take its toll. Obi-Wan matches the Terminator in terms of speed and surpasses in terms of fighting ability – combined with his Force Powers and Lightsaber, it is close, but he will take the fight.

The ArenaThis Matchup is part of "The Arena" storyline. T-1000 is property of TriStar pictures, Obi-Wan Kenobi is property of Lucasfilm Ltd.

1 Comments on the Intro

  1. Victor Padilla, March 23, 2012:

    I say Obi Wan Kenobi. We know from episode 1 that Jedi mind tricks work on droids, so it would make sense obi wan could, to an extent, read the t-1000’s mind and intentions. Also, T-1000 doesnt have ranged weaponry, while Obi-Wan can throw his saber and use the force. Even with the regernerative capapbilities of the T-1000, Obi-Wan’s lightsaber has extreme heat, much like the lava from the movie. Only thing I can think of, and its a BIG if, is that with the ability the T-1000 has to heal itself, Obi-Wan can just buy time.

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