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Superhero Matchup!

Master Chief
Boba Fett

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Master Chief

Aliases: Master Chief Petty Officer John-117

Abilities: Unbreakable bones, increased tissue density, slightly accelerated healing, super-fast reflexes. Skilled marksman and tactician, and trained in hand-to-hand combat. (With MJOLNIR Armor: Enhanced vision, Biofoam injector (for immediate first aid), automatically recharging energy shield, greatly increased durability and response time.)

Equipment: Besides the MJOLNIR armor, weapons vary by scenario.

Home Location: Elysium City on Eridanus II

Boba Fett

Aliases: Galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter, Teff

Abilities: Vast weapons training and familiarity, expert marksman and survivalist. Coldly efficient, he is able to carry out a mission assigned to him with no trace of distraction or fear of failure.

Equipment: Mandalorian style armour. Helmet is capable of providing the wearer with water, amplify minute sounds, compensate for high or low light situations and has a reserve air tank which can last approximately 2 hours. Body armour is a duraplast suit, capable of sustaining great damage without compromise and protects from fire, acid and cold. Rocket pack allows him enhanced mobility. Primary weapon is an EE-4 carbine rifle outfitted with scope, which he supplements with a blaster pistol.

Home Location: Kamino

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The Fight

Illustration by Scott Ethan Ambruson

Boba Fett quickly adjusted to his new surroundings – the stench of the innards of the Sarlacc replaced by crisp, clear air. He found himself in some sort of city – certainly not on Tattooine. Tall, pristine buildings swooped upward on all sides of him. With a quick burst from his jetpack, the bounty hunter flew to the top of one of these to survey his surroundings. There were buildings as far as the eye could see, but Boba didn’t detect a single life form. Far in the sky above there floated some sort of orbital station. Far below, he suddenly saw another being blink into existence.

When Master Chief awoke, he was not aboard The Forward Unto Dawn any longer – not on any ship by the looks of things. Chief reached back and found his assault rifle attached to his back. At least he was armed. Suddenly a voice boomed from the sky.

“Listen up soldiers, now that you’ve both arrived, here is your mission: find each other. Neutralize your opponent. Use whatever means necessary.”

Master Chief grunted. He didn’t relish the feeling of being used a pawn or play-thing for some unseen creature, but he certainly wouldn’t let himself be caught unawares. He cocked his rifle and began moving cautiously through the streets of this labyrinth of streets.

Boba Fett, however, did not feel any such resentment. Moments ago he was trapped in the maw of some horrendous sand beast. Taking out a single man all alone was a welcome reprieve. He watched from above, his sensors scanning his opponent. The man was built like a tank – huge, and very well-armored. Boba flew down to street level falling behind, the armored man walking through the streets, and pulled out his carbine rifle. He landed, lined up his shot, and blasted Master Chief in the back. The blast dissipated in what appeared to be a personal energy shield, and the man immediately dropped in a roll, diving for cover down an alleyway – he moved faster than almost any man Boba had seen, certainly far faster than anyone so heavily armored.

Master Chief remained crouched behind some heavy concrete slabs which appeared to have been places in the alley for this specific purpose. The man had caught him by surprise, but Chief’s shields were already recharging from the blast. His assault rifle was pointed at the opening of the alley, and when the bounty hunter came flying around the corner, he immediately opened fire. The blasts didn’t seem to overly affect Fett, however they did force him to the ground. Chief’s opponent had also continued firing his rifle, scoring few hits against the soldier behind cover. However, Master Chief knew that he couldn’t take many more blasts from that rifle.

The fuel-tank of Boba’s jetpack had been punctured by a bullet, forcing him to land – not that it really mattered, as he only had about 20 more seconds of fuel left anyway. But, much to the bounty hunter’s annoyance, his prey had holed himself up behind a barrier. Boba ran forward, flooding the air fire from his wrist-mounted flamethrower, hoping to flush out the soldier. The effort was a success, but to Boba’s surprise, the huge Spartan-II soldier leaped over the concrete barrier and charged headlong into the flames, the fire seeming to have little effect on him.

Master Chief had switched his assault rifle for his pistol, and charged forward. He knew he couldn’t wait the barrage out – his shields were gone and the masked man did not appear to be anywhere close to out of ammo. So he charged, depending on his sturdy MJOLNIR mark VI armor to protect him from the flames. He fired off a few shots, mostly to throw off his opponent as he dove in to tackle him to the ground. Boba Fett’s feet left the ground as the huge man plowed into him, and he tossed his rifle as he fell, reaching instead for his blaster pistol. Before he had a chance to pull it forward, however, Master Chief had the hand pinned in a vice-like grip. His other hand fell again and again with hand clanks against the bounty hunter’s helmet, adding a few more dents, and his heavy foot pressed against the armor plate on his chest. Boba Fett ceased his struggling as Master Chief pressed his pistol against the hunter’s throat. “Surrender,” Chief commanded in his gravelly voice.

Before he even had a chance to respond, Boba Fett vanished from beneath him. Master Chief stood, confused. The voice from above boomed once again.

“Congratulations soldier. You’ve made the team. Now rest up until I need you again.” The world faded to black.

The Outcome

Victory – Master Chief. A very close match, and thank you all for your feedback. Having some technical advantages, Boba Fett may gain an immediate advantage – however, his jetpack can only sustain short bursts of flight, and once the fight is on the ground, Master Chief has the advantage in movement and strength. If the battle comes to close quarters, Master Chief dominates the match.

The Arena Pt. 2This Matchup is in part 2 of "The Arena" storyline. Boba Fett is property of Lucasfilm Ltd., Master Chief is property of Bungie

18 Comments on the Intro

  1. DouglasGaddis, April 30, 2012:

    This one goes to Master Chief all day long. Boba Fett is just a clone. Master Chief is a super human android “thingy”. Lmao. No way in hell Boba Fett stands a chance.

  2. Dakota McIntire, May 1, 2012:

    Dude, Doug, Boba has the clear advantage: Master chief’s energy shields are designed to disperse plasma energy only, while Boba’s blaster rifle and pistol fire lasers by exploding gas and funneling the release. plus Boba has a jetpack, so as long as he can keep his distance, Chief has no chance.

  3. Max Hoekstra, May 1, 2012:

    Chief has 1 2

  4. Dakota McIntire, May 1, 2012:

    Max, I assume by 1 2 you mean that Chief also has a jet pack. If you read the intro, you will see that Chief is in cryostasis, where he was at the end of Halo 3. if you played through Halo 3, as I did you will know that nowhere in that hole debacle did Master Chief have a jet pack. “But what about that one he had in the Halo 4 trailer?” you might ask. Well, since he did not use it at all during the events of Halo 3, we can assume that it isn’t powerful enough to lift the half ton man in armor that is the Chief, and that it could be only effective in zero gravity, which is the only place we see it functional. So, his ‘jet pack’ if it can be called that, will be ineffectual, and therefore not a factor in the battle. The advantage is still Boba’s.

  5. Max Hoekstra, May 5, 2012:

    Ok thanks I don’t know much about Halo. But Fett’s jetpack can hold him 1 minut

  6. David, May 2, 2012:

    while the jet pack might be an advantage in terms of speed strength and reaction time the chief has the clear advantage in the books its said that the chiefs reaction time is about 20 milliseconds and his speed and strength are way above human levels which Boba Fett is. plus with the Mjolnir armor adding to his strength and speed he beats Boba Fett in the physical department by a lot, and then with Cortana’s help he wins in any battle of wits. And while a blaster rifle may be a good weapon, in every thing I have seen of it full automatic it is not while The Master Chief’s rifle is. usually automatic versus semiautomatics automatics usually win. Another thing is experience while Boba Fett was a feared bounty hunter trained by Jango Fett Master Chief has been trained by the best as a soldier by the best humanity had to offer and was feared by many races of the covenant and thought to be the demon of their religion. master chief is used to fighting hoards of enemies and impossible odds and SURVIVING the whole ordeal. while Boba Fett on the other hand fell into the Sarlack because he wasn’t aware of his surroundings and got hit on the back by a blind man.

  7. Dakota McIntire, May 2, 2012:

    You mean the Sarlacc that he blew up from the inside and crawled out of? because that is what would have happened, had the omnipotent figure intervened. While you have a point that Chief was trained by the best available, Boba was too. the exception being, that Chief only had one planet of humans, because he was trained on earth, and Boba had an entire galaxy worth, with thousands of years more experience to pull from. His armor also has sensors everywhere, which increases his reaction time and perception a lot. Also, if Boba is in the air, or on top of a building the whole fight, Master Chief’s ‘superior’ strength and speed are useless. Also, the rate of fire of Chief’s weapon depends on the rifle itself. If he has the battle rifle, then he a burst weapon, not a fully auto weapon. Knowing that boba’s rifle has both semi auto and burst rates of fire, then we can assume it also has a full auto setting. Boba has many more means of incapacitation than Chief, being a bounty hunter, and more will become useful once chief’s shields go down, which will be fairly quickly. With a higher mobility, and a higher array of weapons and gadgets, Boba still has the advantage.

  8. David, May 2, 2012:

    the sensors in his suit they must pretty bad if a blind man can run into the back of him and while the suit may increase his perception it does not increase his reaction time at all and that is a big draw back compared to the chiefs reaction time. as for experience in the star wars universe being more than the halo universe Boba Fett only trained with Jango for a bit and then had to learn on his own. master chief’s was training with the best up until completion besides as for star wars military experience is really bad a legion of the emperors finest gets beaten.. by teddy bears they had blasters heavy armor and were by the emperors own words were one of his finest and they got beaten by teddy bears. and storm troopers were clone troopers were trained by Jango Fett or volunteers whose training was based on Jango Fetts teachings but assuming its a legion of the emperors finest I pretty sure they were clones

  9. Dakota McIntire, May 3, 2012:

    The clones stopped being from Kamino long before the events of the orignal trilogy, and Jango’s DNA was pretty much used up by then, making them inferior copies. also, Boba was distracted by the JEDI that he was fighting when Han ACCIDENTLY hit his jet pack. A big reason that happened was because it was a movie. So comparing the Empire era clones to Boba is a pretty inaccurate one. Also, Boba has had a lifetime fighting cybernetically enhanced opponents. The type of person he mostly went after were hopped up on implants, cybernetic enhancements, and adrenals. Not all, but he’s dealt with beings with super human strength. Not just enhanced humans, but aliens with super human capabilities, enhanced aliens, and Jedi.

  10. DouglasGaddis, May 3, 2012:

    All very solid points.

  11. Dakota McIntire, May 4, 2012:

    I would also like to point out that with the update to the arena storyline, the winners bracket says team 1, which means that the last matchup was most likely to determine the ‘hunter’ for the second team. Boba would be a better addition because he has fought Jedi before, and since there is a Jedi on the first team, he will be able to warn his team about the dangers of facing one.

  12. Max Hoekstra, May 5, 2012:

    Uh Obi is 2 strong for boba

  13. Max Hoekstra, May 5, 2012:

    I think Chief wins and yes Boba have kill a lot jedi but Chief have defeat a armada on his one.

  14. Dakota McIntire, May 5, 2012:

    Boba wouldn’t be the only one facing Obi Wan. Chief has had help with a lot of what he’s done. He’s part of a military force. Boba has achieve almost all he’s done on his own.

  15. Ben Henson, May 7, 2012:

    Lmaoo? is this a joke? Boba would win. Kamino saber-dart, need I say more?

  16. Boss, May 7, 2012:

    Do you think a saber dart would pierce MJOLNIR armor? Or any armor, for that matter?

  17. Dakota McIntire, May 7, 2012:

    Boba also has a shit ton of explosives

  18. Jason De Padilla, May 7, 2012:

    master chief cuz he has assult rifle and he has a perfect aim so sorry boba fett u die

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