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Superhero Matchup!

Leon Kennedy
Ash Williams

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Leon Kennedy

Aliases: Leon S. Kennedy

Abilities: Peak-level physical ability, trained in hand-to-hand combat and firearm use, skilled at fighting with a knife.

Equipment: Handgun, Combat Knife, Remington Shotgun

Home Location: Raccoon City

Ash Williams

Aliases: Ashley J. Williams, "The King"

Abilities: Some hand-to-hand combat experience, high levels of ingenuity - able to easily improvise weapons and adapt to situations.

Equipment: 12-gauge double-barreled shotgun - "Boomstick", Chainsaw hand.

Home Location: Michigan, USA

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The Fight

Leon Kennedy slowly opened his eyes. He was lying in a pile of rubble, surprisingly limber and uninjured despite the events that must have brought him here. He stood and gazed around. He was in an alleyway in some destroyed city with nothing around him but crumbling buildings under an ashen and grey sky. How had he gotten here? He needed answers.

He carefully climbed down the rubble pile and stepped out of the alley into the open street, finding more of the same – crumbling, seemingly abandoned structures and eerie silence. A quick check revealed that at the very least, Leon still seemed to have all his equipment with him. He drew his pistol and began walking up the street towards what looked like a major intersection, when a sudden scuffling noise behind him caused him to spin, his instincts taking over. In front of him was a shuffling mutant… clearly infected with the sort of mind controlling agents he was so familiar with.

“Where the hell am I…?” Leon muttered under his breath.

Leon cautiously moved closer to the mutant, pistol aimed at its head. About 6 feet away, the creature must have heard or smelled him, and turned to him and shrieked, quickly stumbling towards him with its arms outstretched; mouth hanging open, salivating. Two neat shots put it down. Leon walked towards it and began examining the corpse… it looked much like victims of the T-Virus he had seen before, but somehow different – more human, almost. As he searched, he noticed something in a hidden pocket of the mutant’s clothing. He pulled it out and realized it was a letter. Leon opened it and read:

“The plan is going perfectly. The virus has spread to all corners of the city, and the city is in ruin. With any luck, we’ll break out of the quarantine zone soon and spread across the country. Then we can begin the second phase. Keep to your duties – and for God’s sake, don’t forget your rebreathing apparatus.”

The letter was signed ‘Ashley J. Williams’. Leon had a target.

Meanwhile, Ash Williams found himself in a suspiciously similar situation.  As he regained consciousness, he rubbed his head with his good hand, massaging out the ache until he remembered the previous events. He remembered the strange, strong deadite, and jumped frantically to his feet, looking around. He saw his shotgun nearby and ran to pick it up, leaning against a nearby wall. From the looks of the ruined city, he was still in future London, but there was no sight of the deadite he’d seen before.

A shrill scream pierced the air. Ash turned the corner and ran toward the direction of the cry, and saw another deadite bearing down on a beautiful, scantily-clad blonde sprawled on the ground. Wasting no time, Ash bolted towards the pair, hollering at the top of his lungs. He levelled the shotgun and fired a shot into the deadite’s chest, sending it sprawling backward. Extending a hand, Ash spoke as he pulled the woman up. “Hey pretty lady… just what the hell’s going on around here?”

Through whimpers and sobs, she replied, “It’s terrible… everything’s changed ever since he came here… The city’s fallen apart and now the dead are walking the streets!”

“Wait, wait… ever since who got here?”

“Leon Kennedy! He’s the –“

Without warning, she stopped, blood spewing from her mouth. A twisted claw of a hand protruded from her stomach. The deadite Ash had thought he’d killed stood grinning behind her. It threw her out of the way and lunged at Ash. With a quick move, he started his chainsaw and with a scream, he sawed the deadite in two. He dropped to the woman’s side… but she was already gone – another woman paying the price for getting too close to Ashley Williams. He would make sure Leon Kennedy paid his own price.

Leon looked up from the letter to see a horde of infected mutants bearing down on him.  There was no way he could take them on alone. He turned to run, and set off down the street he was on, with no idea where he was or where he was going. Each street he came to seemed to be clogged on either side with mutants. He had only one way to go.

Ash found himself being pressed upon by deadites, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. They moved slower than he was used to, but shambled relentlessly towards him. He turned and ran, opting to find higher ground and perhaps a little more information about this Leon Kennedy. Every side street he looked down, however, was either blocked or filled with deadites. This was bad. He could only go forward.

Ahead, Leon saw another man running. Finally, a survivor, he thought. As he approached, Leon raised a hand cautiously and hailed him… before he realized the stranger seemed to have a chainsaw attached to his arm. The stranger came closer and spoke in a low voice, “Well, you ain’t dead, so you can’t be all that bad.”

Leon smiled. That was a good enough reason to make friends at this point. He extended his hand toward the stranger (being careful to use his left) and as the stranger took it, by some strange coincidence, the two spoke their names at the same time.

Leon reacted first, drawing his knife and jerking away, but Ash was much stronger and tightened his grip on the smaller man’s hand before extending his chainsaw arm to start it. The engine roared to life and Leon found himself uncomfortably close to the whirring blade. An elbow dropped on him from the hand holding the shotgun and Leon was winded. This guy was strong. Taking advantage of his temporary weakness, Leon saw his opponent swinging the chainsaw down. As it descended, Leon aimed a low kick at Ash’s knee and knocked him backwards, giving himself some room to breathe. This lasted mere seconds, however, as Leon turned and saw Ash level his shotgun at him. It took all his speed to roll sideways and away from the blast. He ducked behind a destroyed car. This Ashley Williams was a talented fighter, and had far more firepower than Leon did. It was time to even the field.

Ash took a moment to regain his breath while his opponent hid. The enemy was fast, but Ash wasn’t worried about finishing him off. He had his boomstick and that would take care of anything this Leon had to offer. Suddenly, Leon reappeared from behind the car, his arm cocked backwards. It extended and Ash realized, too late, that he was throwing something. The knife spun through the air and pierced Ash’s hand, sinking deep and spraying blood. In pain, he dropped his trusty shotgun. Ash looked up from his injured hand to find Leon already leaping over the car and bearing down on him. Ash raised his chainsaw, but the smaller man was too fast. He got in two blows to Ash’s chest and another to his thigh, bringing him to a knee. He swung the chainsaw in a low arc, aiming at his opponent’s feet.

Leon saw the chainsaw coming. His opponent was a powerhouse, but he was slow, and Leon had the intelligence to capitalize on that. He leaped over the blade and delivered a devastating kick to Ashley’s jaw. He then stomped on the hilt of the chainsaw, causing Ash to cry out in pain and the chainsaw’s engine to sputter and die. Quickly, Leon drew his pistol and aimed it at Ashley’s head.

Ash looked up and saw the barrel of the gun pointed directly at his head. He raised both his hands slowly. “Alright, padre, you got me. Let’s not do anything hasty here. Let’s talk this thing out.”

Leon held his finger over the trigger. As he thought on what to do with his captive, both he and Ash failed to notice the horde of undead that had surrounded them, watching the fight with interest. Though Leon had won the battle… it seemed the war was just beginning.

The Outcome

Although Ash is stronger and more heavily-armed, Leon is very fast and agile, expertly skilled at close-quarters combat. The chainsaw is a devastating weapon, but better suited for the likes of the undead. Leon takes this fight by a narrow margin.

Leon Kennedy is property of Capcom, Ash Williams is property of Dynamite Entertainment

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