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Superhero Matchup!


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Aliases: Legolas Greenleaf, Legolas of the Woodland Realm

Abilities: Superhuman senses and dexterity, natural immortality, unparalleled archery skills, swordsmanship

Equipment: Elven Longbow, long knife

Home Location: Mirkwood, Middle Earth


Aliases: Clint Barton, Goliath, Ronin

Abilities: Olympic level athlete & acrobat, skilled martial artist, master of archery, swordsmanship

Equipment: Custom bow & a wide variety of trick arrows

Home Location: Waverly, Iowa (currently living in NYC)

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The Fight

Legolas silently observed. He had quickly moved to higher ground upon finding himself in the arena. His elf eyes had easily detected the strangely-garbed human, clambering over the rubble; yet he sensed that he was not evil. And so the elf waited cautiously, his steel-tipped arrow remained held loosely in the elven longbow.

Hawkeye flitted from rooftop to whatever remained of rooftops in the ruins of the abandoned city. He had also moved to higher ground in hopes of seeing his opponent and quickly taking him out, but no such luck. The archer had notched a blunted electrical arrow to his bow – he had no desire to kill this stranger, but the charge on one of these arrows was enough to take down 10 men. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, an arrow whizzed past his head. Clint instantly dropped to a crouch, bow cocked and aimed directly at the trajectory of the offending arrow. A voice called out to him.

“I could have hit you, but I wish to know who you are. ”

“I’m called Hawkeye. I’m an Avenger,” Clint called back.

“And I am Legolas, son of Thranduil, of the Woodland Realm. I have no quarrel with you, Avenger. Surrender and let’s be done with this foolishness.”

“No offense, buddy, but I have no reason to trust you,” Clint replied. As he spoke, he locked on to the elf – almost impossibly far away – and drew his bowstring taut. “Why don’t you surrender to me instead?” he loosed the arrow.

Legolas had not expected a man to be capable of such power and accuracy from such a distance, and it cost him. The electrical trick-arrow struck home squarely in his narrow elf chest, shocking him. He collapsed to the ground. Had he been a mere man, that may have been the end of it. However, elves are a sturdier stock, and by the time Hawkeye came leaping to the rooftop to retrieve his arrow, Legolas was nowhere to be found.

“Damn… ” he muttered. This would not be over quickly.

The electrical bolt had hurt, but Legolas continued to move. Although his feet normally left few traces, his body was not used to the effects of electrical current, and Hawkeye managed to pursue him. A game of cat-and-mouse developed, with Hawkeye’s trick-arrows ensnaring and slowing down the swifter and more durable elf, but Legolas tirelessly continued.

The hours grew long as the fight went on, until Clint bordered on exhaustion. He knelt momentarily in an alley, catching his breath, as he suddenly felt screaming pain pierce through each of his calves. Legolas’ arrows tore through the muscles and into the dirt of the ground below. Hawkeye cried out in pain, reaching back to draw an arrow. Another arrow pierced the hand in motion.

“I’m sorry to do this to you, Hawkeye – but you left me no choice. You must yield.” Clint heard the sound of the bowstring being pulled taut behind him. His bow slipped from his hand, but before even hitting the ground it vanished, along with the Avenger himself. All that remained were the expended elf arrows lying bloodied on the ground

Legolas whirled, prepared for anything, but suddenly the ruins around him faded to black. The familiar voice boomed from nowhere, and everywhere at once.

“Excellent job, archer of the Elves. You’ve done your race proud! But now I’m afraid I must make you wait, for an even bigger challenge lies ahead of you… “

The Outcome

Victory – Legolas. Although matched evenly in terms of archery and skill, Legolas can outpace the human Hawkeye.

The ArenaThis Matchup is part of "The Arena" storyline. Legolas is property of Tolkien Enterprises, Hawkeye is property of Marvel Comics.

1 Comments on the Intro

  1. Carey Behm, February 8, 2012:

    I think it would be a fairly even fight.

    Legolas is fast, agile, strong, deadly with a sword and bow, and he is immortal.

    Hawkeye is fast, agile, strong, deadly with a sword and bow, and has an arsenal of trick arrows.

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