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Superhero Matchup!

Harry Potter

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Aliases: John Constantine, Hellblazer

Abilities: Extensive occult knowledge, incredible cunning and ingenuity and an innate talent for magic; both of the stage variety and true magic abilities.

Equipment: N/A

Home Location: London, England

Harry Potter

Aliases: "The Boy Who Lived", "The Chosen One"

Abilities: Master of a wide variety of spells and charms, particularly gifted at defensive spells - disarming, stunning, and blasting objects. Also skilled at flying.

Equipment: Holly & Phoenix Feather Wand, "Firebolt" Racing Broom

Home Location: Godric's Hollow, England

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The Fight

Harry stood and found himself somewhere unfamiliar. The darkness had dissipated and around him was a bright, silvery city, full of long streets and harsh angles. He looked around and absorbed his surroundings. He was confused, but could practically feel the danger in the air, so he quickly grabbed his Firebolt and took to the skies. He didn’t know who his opponent was, but Harry always felt at home in the air. In spite of the danger of being seen, it was also probably the quickest way to find his foe and figure out exactly what was going on here.

John Constantine woke in the same strange location and after his initial wonder evaporated, began the process of protecting himself. He sat down inside a nearby building and waved his hands slowly in the air before him and muttered incomprehensibly, placing a sigil upon himself to prevent any magical means of detection. He then reached into his pocket and removed his pocket watch. With a few incantations, it would show him where the nearest living being was. Hopefully, his opponent was the nearest being… and was living. Moments later, the watch began to tug at Constantine’s hand. It moved to his right, gently at first, and then it used almost all the slack in the chain to point right… and then, to John’s surprise it began to lift even higher. His enemy was in the air! He dropped the watch back into his pocket and took to the streets. Above, he saw a man pacing the air on what appeared to be a broomstick… a broomstick? Really? Who was this guy? Another wave of the Hellblazer’s hand put a small curse on the broomstick.

Harry felt something was wrong even before he started losing altitude. He hadn’t seen anyone cast a spell, but there was something wrong with the Firebolt and no amount of reparo or divinations was doing anything to stop his descent. Without warning, the Firebolt’s last sputtering attempts at flight vanished and Harry was dropping rapidly to the streets below. In a near panic, Harry pointed his wand downward toward himself and shouted, “Wingardium Leviosa!”.

He flipped about upside down and hung a foot above the street from the shoe he had managed to hit with his spell. A wave of his wand cancelled the spell and dumped him unceremoniously to the street. Perhaps not very elegant, but at least he wasn’t a smear on the ground.

Constantine chuckled to himself. This was going to be too easy. Best not to take any chances, however. While his foe was picking himself up off the ground, John raised his hands toward the building nearest to himself. There was a deep rumbling sound and then a sharp crack as lines appeared in the wall. As they raced across the surface of the building, they began to form a humanoid shape. With another, much deeper, crackling rumble, the figure began to pull itself free of the building that had birthed it and shamble down the street towards the enemy.

Harry was regaining his senses when he saw the golem marching towards him. It was 10 feet tall, but almost comically flat having been no more than a wall moments prior. Without delay, Harry ran towards the towering stone giant and aimed his wand toward its chest. “Reducto!” he cried, and a bolt erupted from his wand. It slammed into the golem’s chest and its thin body cracked and crumbled to the street. Harry ran up the pile of rubble to find a blonde man in a suit and trenchcoat staring at him, his cigarette hanging limply from his mouth and a rather dumbfounded look on his face.

The stranger had reduced Constantine’s golem to rubble with a wave of his wand. The exertion of the summoning had caused perspiration to appear across Constantine’s brow and his new-found nervousness was doing nothing to relieve it. The wand seemed to be the source of his enemy’s power, so he would have to rid him of it. He darted into the nearest building, dodging a bolt that appeared after his opponent hollered something unintelligible. Hopefully this last illusion would work.

Harry followed his enemy into the building and skidded to a halt. The room was completely empty. There were no other exits but the one he had come in. Wand raised, Harry scanned the room slowly. The streets had become completely silent. The wizard backed through the door he had come in and looked around. Suddenly, to his left he saw the blonde man again. He fired a body-bind curse in his direction. It struck true, but the figure merely vanished. A sound behind Harry caused him to whirl, and he saw the blonde man again, smiling. Another curse yielded the same result. Harry began to feel he was being toyed with. In the last illusion’s place, two more turned the corner to face Harry. He glanced behind himself again and saw the alley was already filling with copies of the blonde man already dozens were standing there smiling. Harry picked up a piece of the rubble from the shattered golem and hurled it into the crowd. As it struck the illusion, it disappeared and the rock fell to the ground. Harry had no way of knowing where his real foe was.

Constantine stood in the crowd of duplicates as they moved slowly toward the wizard. He was looking around nervously and Constantine knew he had the upper hand now. He would come in close with his decoys and grab the wand from his hand. The man pointed his wand in the air and again shouted something (avis, perhaps?) and dozens of small birds began to pour forth from the wand. Constantine chuckled quietly. Canaries wouldn’t be stopping him.

Harry let his wand droop after the birds had poured forth. Hundreds of the creatures sat on the ledges of buildings all around him, watching quietly. The illusions were a few metres away when Harry lifted his wand and shouted “Oppugno!” Instantly the birds lifted from the ledges and attacked, swooping on the illusions. They disappeared with each swooping attacking. Harry scanned the chaos and saw one take a hit… but it didn’t disappear. They locked eyes and the man charged Harry with a roar. Harry lifted his wand and once again, fired the body-bind curse, this time sure of his target. The bolt struck with a thud, and the man tipped forward, completely paralyzed. An instant before he hit the ground, the man disappeared. Harry raised his wand again, prepared for anything when he heard the same voice from earlier.

“Well fought, Wizard… my army could use someone like you. Welcome aboard.”

Harry had the feeling that his struggles were only beginning.

The Outcome

Victory – Harry Potter. Harry’s primary weakness lies in that his wand is integral in his spell-casting, but this is more than made up for with the versatility of his spells and their power. Constantine’s abilities, while impressive, will do little actually hurt or stop the Boy who Lived.

The Arena Pt. 2This Matchup is in part 2 of "The Arena" storyline. John Constantine is property of DC Comics, Harry Potter is property of J.K. Rowling

3 Comments on the Intro

  1. Dakota McIntire, May 29, 2012:

    I’m going to give this one to Harry. John doesn’t have enough to deal with such a powerful wizard

  2. Ben, June 2, 2012:

    harry, no question

  3. DouglasGaddis, June 2, 2012:

    Harry Potter. The dude doesnt know how to lose… lung cancer will get Constantine. Harry doesnt even really have to do anything other than walk at a fast pace and Constantine’s smokers lung will knock him the f**k out.

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