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Superhero Matchup!

Captain America

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Aliases: N/A

Abilities: Excellent physical condition coupled with a lifetime of martial training. Excellent military commander and leader, exemplified by his ability to hold ground against a vastly numerically superior enemy force.

Equipment: Hoplon (round Spartan shield), long spear and short sword

Home Location: Sparta

Captain America

Aliases: Steve Rogers, "Cap", Nomad, The Captain

Abilities: Absolute perfect human condition results in peak strength and endurance (able to bench press 1200 lbs. or run a mile in 73 seconds). Expert tactician and field commander, supreme hand to hand combatant.

Equipment: Vibranium-Steel disc-shaped shield.

Home Location: New York City

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The Fight

Steve looked around at the desolate city surrounding him. It was like nothing he had ever seen, alleys twisting into abrupt ends, light seeming to emanate from everywhere and no matter how far he moved towards or away from the spire in the distance it never seemed to get any further or closer. All this was pressing on the back of Cap’s mind as he focused on his primary objective: find this enemy and deal with him. After that, this mystery could be unraveled. Finding this elusive foe could prove to be the more challenging endeavor, however, as it was nearly impossible to get one’s bearing in this labyrinthine city…

Leonidas stalked the streets of the great arena. He silently moved from alleyway to alleyway, building to building, hunting his prey. A lifetime of harsh Spartan life was perfect preparation for this macabre challenge, and Leonidas was glad his hunting skills were not dull. He had yet to see his enemy, but had seen traces of him. Traces of tracks left by his thick, booted feet had given Leonidas the clues he needed to hunt him down and execute him. Suddenly as Leonidas crouched and rounded a corner, he saw his quarry. He was walking away down the nearest alley in a ridiculous costume of brilliant red and blue. Leonidas couldn’t imagine what sort of fool would ever wear something as vibrant as that, let alone into battle. No matter, however, as the fight would now be over nearly before it even began. Hefting his spear into his hand, he prepared to deliver a devastating ranged strike and hamstring his opponent.

Captain America began to get the strange feeling of being watched. A split second later he heard a slight shuffle as a foot slid along the dirt and he whirled to see the spear flying towards him. He moved his leg away from the projectile, but not before it cut a gash into his calf. With barely any time to react, the nearly naked man roared and charged toward him, sword and shield in hand. Relying on his battle instincts now, Cap drew back and threw his shield with all his might. It rocketed towards the enemy warrior, sure to stop him in his tracks. However, the man leaped and, in an astounding show of acrobatics, rolled his body above the flying disc before landing in a small cloud of dirt.

Leonidas certainly hadn’t been expecting that. The shield seemed to be his foe’s only weapon, what sort of fool would throw it away for nothing? Leonidas pulled his shield from the holster on his back, treating the man in the strange outfit warily. This would no longer be a quick fight, as the man had strength he had not foreseen, as shown in the might with which he hurled his shield. Leonidas waited for the enemy to charge and continue the assault, but he did nothing, only waited. Was he waiting for a continued attack and hoping to defend better than attack? Or was there something else… Leonidas’ battle sense acted almost before his mind comprehended. He swung around to see the shield returning towards him, with no less force than it had the first time he dodged it. He raised his own shield quickly and was knocked backward by the force.

Steve saw his shield slam into his opponents and immediately gained immense respect for the warrior. Somehow he had managed to realize what was happening and raise his own defense. The warrior’s own shield shattered from the impact, becoming a useless hunk of metal, and Captain America’s shield clattered away down a nearby alley. He had to strike now. Steve ran towards the enemy and landed a blow to his back, but the warrior soon turned, sword in hand. A delicate dance of swing and dodge began until Cap landed a debilitating blow to the foes wrist, knocking his sword to the ground. Relief washed over Steve… things were finally starting to go in his favor and that would prevent any further nasty gashes like the one on his leg.

Leonidas smiled and stepped back for a moment. Both combatants were left with nothing but their own might, skill and knowledge. A true warrior’s test. “Well fought, soldier” spoke Leonidas, “The Elysian Fields will welcome you when I squeeze the life from your body. Know that your loss brings you no shame.”

This fellow was really something else. Cap had a hard time thinking of when he’d had a closer fight, but before he could respond, the warrior charged towards him and they locked arms. He was incredibly strong, far more than Steve had been expecting. Soon the fight had them both on the ground, struggling for advantage and wrestling in the dirt and dust of the arena. They grappled for what felt like ages, each gaining control over the other for a few moments before losing it again, until finally Cap found himself under the weight of his opponent. He drew back a fist to begin pummelling Steve. The blow came down square into Steve’s face, but unknown to his opponent, he had been hoping for exactly that. The force of the punch had forced the weight of Cap’s lower body and allowed him to free his legs. In a fluid movement, Steve Rogers bent his body to wrap his lower legs around his foes neck in a deadly triangle choke. He squeezed with all his might while the burly soldier struggled and rained blows onto his chest and against the arms Cap had raised to protect his face. In a few moments, the enemy went limp and suddenly disappeared.

Captain America stood, dazed and shaking. Blood poured forth from where his nose had split open. His hands were weak and beginning to swell and bruise. Slowly, he walked towards where his shield had fallen as he heard the voice once again.

“Excellent battle, soldier! Never have I seen such ferocity, such finesse! Well done… now collect your iconic shield, and come … meet your new team.”

The Outcome

Victory – Captain America. Leonidas is a truly imposing warrior, and an exemplar of human fitness and near-perfect conditioning. However Captain America IS at perfect human performance levels. This coupled with his knowledge of multiple martial arts and battlefield tactics gives him the advantage, however slim, over the warrior-king, Leonidas.

The ArenaThis Matchup is part of "The Arena" storyline. Captain America is property of Marvel Comics Inc, Leonidas is property of Dark Horse comics.

22 Comments on the Intro

  1. Victor Padilla, April 3, 2012:

    I say Captain America. There are a lot of factors but my numer one reason is the shield. Its made of vibranium, which is one of the most powerful metals on earth according to Marvel, greater than any armor or weapons Leonidas might have. Not to mention Leonidas has a spear thats a one throw, an okay ranged weapon and at best an extremely well mid range weapon. Captain America has his shield that’s not only proven to be a good close range weapon, but an amazing long range weapon since Captain America can throw it in such a way it can return to him…
    Although, Leonidas does have the brutality Captain America lacks. While an amazing hero, Captain America is exactly that, a hero, and Leonidas is (thoough Honorable) a cold blooded killer. THAT could play a gigantic factor in this fight, since Leonidas will fight to the last breath even if hes half dead, and Captain America will try some other method then murder.

  2. Brandon Ash, April 3, 2012:

    Although Captain America would win the fight 99% of the time, i belive Leonidas is a much better leader,commander, and military stategist if your looking for a team leader but still dont change the fact that Captain America would win.

  3. Victor Padilla, April 4, 2012:

    I dont see how. Captain America both have military experience, and while Leonidas has to hold together Sparta, which has to be a tough job, Captain America has to hold together the dysfunctional family that is the avengers, and THATS a tough job XD
    Just dealing with Tony Stark on a daily basis shows how much patience this guy has :p
    Though Leonidas prolly has more brutal strategies… Would Leonidas sacrifice the team to win? He might do it, they aren’t his Spartans… I doubt Captain America would willingly sacrifice anyone…
    Oh well lol

  4. Brandon Ash, April 7, 2012:

    Sparta consisted of roughly hundred thousand people, and the Avengers only had seven, i think Leonidas had a little bit harder of a time controlling his empire then captain America would have with with team of seven, but anyway, there is no way Leonidas would sacrifice any of his men on the battle field, and even if they are “sacrificed” , the Spartans would be more than willing to give there lives on the field of battle for a glorious/honorable death.

  5. Dakota McIntire, April 4, 2012:

    While King Leonidas was one of the best warriors of his time, Cap is literally the best any human can get. the super human serum they injected him with made him just that: superhuman. he can go toe to toe with Leonidas in every aspect: Strength, speed, endurance, longevity in battle, and come out on top. Add in the healing factor granted Cap by the serum, and we have a clear winner.

  6. Victor Padilla, April 5, 2012:

    Yeah, but that healing factor isnt gunna protect him from a spear to the gut. Add in that Cap has only military experience from when he was an adult and up, and Leonidas has been trained to not fight, but MASSACRE since birth, and its still a pretty even fight.

  7. Max Hoekstra, April 5, 2012:

    cap wins he has good defens powers and tactics but will not direct kill

  8. Carey Behm, April 5, 2012:

    There always has to be someone going for the underdog!

    Captain has amazing fighting skills, strength, and speed. But he has morals. He doesn’t like to kill.

    That is his weakness.
    Leonidas is a ruthless killer, trained since childhood. He lives and breathes death.

    I could see Captain America beating Leonidas in the fight, but at the last second having mercy, and Leonidas jabbing a dagger into his gut.

    Leonidas wins. GO UNDERDOGS!!!!!

    THIS IS SPARTA!!!!! lol

  9. Max Hoekstra, April 5, 2012:

    Sparta? Kiss my ass cap is faster, tacticer, smarterand got more durbilty. Yes he will first talk Leonidas but then he will kill and he is a beter leader

  10. Carey Behm, April 5, 2012:

    Haha, why so violent? 😛

  11. Max Hoekstra, April 6, 2012:

    Do some one nowse when the party starded?

  12. Dakota McIntire, April 5, 2012:

    And it doesn’t say Captain has to kill him, just incapacitate Leo, not kill him. If he timed it right, the fight could be over with one shield throw to the face. Not saying it will be. Also, just because Cap has morals, doesn’t mean that he won’t fight. At some point, very early on in this situation. he is going to say, ‘If [Leo] wont surrender (which he won’t) then I’ll fight him.’ Plus the Shadowy figure that sets these up could tell captain something to get Captain in a fighting mood very easily. We’ve seen him do it before. Oh, and Victor, there is no way Cap is going to get hit by that spear if it’s thrown at him. and if it’s just lunged at him, He could break it with his shield easily.

  13. Victor Padilla, April 5, 2012:

    Oh, I know Dakota. I was just sayin accelarated healing won’t help him IF it does. He’s not wolverine lol

  14. Victor Padilla, April 5, 2012:

    THis is my favorite matchup lol

  15. paul, April 5, 2012:

    I think Cap has got the edge here. Well unless we are talking about the entire spartan army against him.

    Don’t get me wrong. Leonidas is a huge badass but he is only human. Cap is the best a human can get without crossing into the super-human range.

    And to all the dudes talking about Cap’s morals. This is a hypothetical deathmatch. These guys dont have to be true to their character. If someone told Cap to kill a bad guy he would because he is a soldier.

  16. Dakota McIntire, April 6, 2012:

    Paul, Cap wouldn’t kill him unless absolutely necessary. it isn’t to the death, it’s to death OR incapacitation. just because it’s hypothetical, doesn’t mean they won’t stick to the character’s ideals.

  17. Victor Padilla, April 6, 2012:

    Now, there are people in the marvel universe who dont have superpowers but are still bada**, so I politely disagree it would be done cuz Leonidas isnt superhuman. Remember, hes been trained since birth to slaughter, from a race of people known for their ferocity and brutallity. That almost sounds like a comic book back story right there lol
    Leonidas wasnt taght pottery, or mathematics, he was taught how to be the single best killer in the world. Everything else to him is secondary. Killing is what he does best, and no one does it better.

  18. Dakota McIntire, April 6, 2012:

    That may be, and he probably was the best… in his age. Cap has the best MODERN close quarters combat training in the world. Tactics that have been refined from what Leo knows. that is yet ANOTHER advantage to the Cap.

  19. Victor Padilla, April 6, 2012:

    Also remember Cap wasnt trained since birth, he’s been trained since he could legally train. Also, his training wasnt as brutal as Spartan training. You could literally get killed by your own comrades in Spartan training. That extra decade or two of training could make all the difference…
    lol, this is turning out to be a pretty nice debate

  20. Dakota McIntire, April 6, 2012:

    Ok, we get that Leo has has his whole life. we get that. What I’m saying is, he spent his whole life training a certain style of combat (which wasn’t properly portrayed in the movie 300, by the way.) Cap has trained in a more modern style. I admit is hasn’t been as long, but that doesn’t mean, in any way, that he is less skilled. Plus the Serum has made up for any advantage that Leo may have had.

  21. Dakota McIntire, April 6, 2012:

    Plus it’s not like Cap hasn’t killed anybody. I mean if I had been hit by that shield in the face, I probably wouldn’t get up again.

  22. Brandon Ash, April 9, 2012:

    there are very good arguments here, but their is still something missing, although both are amazing soldiers and are the best of there own times. Leonidas has trained his whole life, but has been trained to fights along side his fellow comrades, so most of his tactics wont work one on one, that also the same reason Leonidas lost the Archillies match, he just doesn’t fight one on one.(i love Leonidas way more than Captain America, but im just looking at the facts)

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