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Aliases: Buffy Summers

Abilities: Superhuman senses, strength, speed, agility, and endurance, ability to heal quickly and to sense supernatural activity.

Equipment: Stakes, knives.

Home Location: Sunnydale, California


Aliases: Agent BloodRayne

Abilities: (As a dhampir) Superhuman strength, speed, agility, and endurance, ability to feed on enemies to regain health, ability to see any living enemies nearby.

Equipment: Arm Blades

Home Location: N/A, America

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The Fight

Buffy stood slowly and shakily, getting used to her body once again. She flexed her hands, feeling the muscle tense and tighten. How had she returned to the living? Looking around her she realized that perhaps she hadn’t… everything around her was in ruin. Skyscrapers crumbled and rubble was strewn among the streets. Without any idea of what to do, Buffy started walking. Perhaps she would meet someone with answers, or at least find some shelter.

Meanwhile, Rayne came to in a street not far away. She was slumped against a building… she felt like she should be in some pain, but her body seemed to be fine. Instead of pain, all she had was confusion. She stood and took to the streets, not wishing to be taken by surprise. Hopefully she could find some others who could explain what had happened to the city.

Buffy walked slowly down the street, knife in one hand, stake in the other. She crept down the streets attempting to keep a low profile. Suddenly, she felt a presence, somewhere ahead of her. There was someone here… or, more specifically, something. A supernatural presence was somewhere ahead of her and it was moving towards her… fast.

Rayne turned a corner and started moving again, before suddenly feeling the familiar sense of a living being nearby… Finally, someone else around here. Rayne headed quickly toward the sensation. Hopefully this person would know something more about what was going on. Rayne was getting tired of having no answers. She felt the being growing close, and turned the corner, palms facing forward as a gesture of peace. She barely had time to raise her arm blade high enough to deflect the knife flung in her direction.

As soon as Buffy saw the woman turn the corner, she realized what she was. A vampire. Buffy had little desire to converse with this creature, except perhaps with her at the end of Buffy’s knife. She wasn’t taking any chances. After hurling the knife, Buffy ran after the woman at a sprint, drawing another. She came upon her foe fast, landing a high kick to her jaw and sending the vampire sprawling backwards.

Rayne threw herself back up after being taken by surprise by the woman. She was no pushover… her strength and speed were incredible. It seemed the locals were rather hostile. Standing once again, Rayne threw herself at the enemy. Her arm blades whistled through the air as she attacked.  She twirled, but the woman bent herself backward to avoid the sweeping attack. Rayne aimed a kick at her enemy sending her to the ground. She then raised both blades and brought them down, but their target rolled sideways to avoid them.

Buffy realized she was going to have to give it all she had if she wanted to make it out of here. She rolled further brought herself back to her feet, dodging her opponent’s lethal blades. She came back at her attacker, unrelenting in her assault. Her enemy met her knife with the blades attached to her wrists with ease. Buffy tried to move faster, but this was one of the best combatants she had ever faced. Suddenly, the vampire shot a particularly powerful blow at her knife hand, sending the weapon bouncing away. The next attacks Buffy dodged neatly, but a hand came out and grabbed her, pulling her close.

Rayne looked her prey in the eyes… she was a special one. Her skills were unmatched, and her training incredible. It was such a shame to see her go, but Rayne’s energy was getting low… and she would need to replenish. Gazing deeply into her eyes, she paralyzed her enemy and began lowering her teeth to the exposed flesh of her enemy’s neck. She was so focused on her prize that she failed to see Buffy’s stake slide closer to her chest. With one swift, practiced move, it pierced Rayne’s chest and her heart.

Buffy looked at her enemy’s shocked eyes. “Your tricks don’t work on a Slayer, vampire. Nice try.”

As the woman’s body slumped to the ground it began to disintegrate into ash that swirled away on the stale breeze. Buffy looked around… so much for getting answers. She’d have to keep searching for others. She heard a noise behind her and saw two creatures shambling toward her… they were clearly dead, and not looking to make friends. In the distance, she heard the sound of a large weapon discharging and the unmistakeable rumble of a chainsaw. Perhaps her best bet was to find others to group with. Turning from the walking corpses, Buffy turned and headed towards the sounds.

The Outcome

Despite being fairly evenly matched in terms of powers and prowess, Buffy has trained relentlessly for years to fight vampires just such as Rayne – while Rayne has never faced a slayer so skilled as Buffy.

Victory – Buffy

Buffy is property of WB, BloodRayne is property of Majesco Entertainment.

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  1. Max Hoekstra, August 14, 2012:

    Go Buffie

  2. Brandon Ash, August 15, 2012:

    i loved the Buffy series, never really played the bloodrayne games or watched the movies, so i cant really say anything good on her behalf, so my bet is on Buffy

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