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Superhero Matchup!

Drizzt Do'Urden

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Aliases: Eric Brooks, Daywalker, SwitchBlade

Abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics (strength, speed, agility, durability). Extremely skilled martial artist, swordsman and marksman. Can sense supernatural creatures and possesses minor to moderate healing factor.

Equipment: Fully equipped with swords and daggers, automatic and semi-automatic firearms (using hollow-point, garlic filled silver bullets) and various other grenades and custom weapons that employ sunlight or ultraviolet rays. Also wears suit of Kevlar body armor.

Home Location: London, England

Drizzt Do'Urden

Aliases: The Hunter

Abilities: As a dark elf, Drizzt has enhanced senses and infrared vision, as well as being light-footed and long-lived. Master two weapon fighter, able to outline an opponent in glowing faerie fire or conjure globes of darkness that neither he, nor typical opponents can see through. He also has a vast array of survivalist skills. Can summon his panther, Guenhwyvar for limited amounts of time.

Equipment: Wields twin scimitars, Twinkle and Icingdeath. Wears light clothing and a coat of mithral chainmail over a spider silk shirt.

Home Location: Menzoberranzan in the Underdark

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The Fight

Blade stalked the straight alleys and streets of the strange new locale, searching for his prey. The strangeness of the situation had not completely washed away, but it seemed the only thing to do was to obey and deal with the outcomes later. Besides, if his opponent was as deadly as the strange voice would have him believe, any hesitation could mean death. Eric had no intention of letting that happen. He held his katana in one hand as he slowly moved from street to street, listening for any sign of movement. In his other hand, he held a UV flashbang grenade. Though devastating to vampiric opponents, it would still stop any other foe in his tracks for long enough for Blade to make a move.

Drizzt moved along the narrow streets, crouched and moving as fast he could. He hoped to find his foe quickly and, using the element of surprise, incapacitate him and learn more of his predicament. The hard ground and clean streets he found himself in made tracking difficult, but the master hunter had his ways. It wasn’t long before Drizzt had a trail and found his opponent; human, by the looks of him, armed with a sword. The large man was doing his best to remain stealthy, darting down streets, but Drizzt was able to tail him without much difficulty. Finally, his quarry stopped a moment and Drizzt made his move.

Blade checked his weapons as he peered down yet another street, seemingly identical to the last. This was proving tiresome. It seemed he might be trapped here longer than he thought searching for this enemy. Not a second after this crossed his mind, Blade was dropped to a knee by a kick to his leg. Using the forward momentum, he rolled away from his assailant and stood, facing his strange foe, sword in hand. The odd creature had dark skin contrasted by stark white hair and wielded two swords. Finally, they could get this over with. Without a word, Blade charged forward, katana held high, to gauge his enemy’s strength.

Drizzt had hoped to talk to his enemy before fighting, but he had weathered his surprise attack well and now seemed intent on combat. So be it. Wielding Twinkle and Icingdeath with incredible efficiency, Drizzt deflected blow after blow from his foe. He was very skilled with the weapon, but Drizzt could feel that he was already pushing himself… while Drizzt was only getting started. He increased the pressure and soon had the human on the defensive, sweat growing on his brow. Suddenly, Drizzt’s gaze dropped to his enemy’s other hand, as it pulled back and hurled the object it contained directly at him. Drizzt rolled back, and the cylinder came harmlessly to rest before him. The dark elf prepared to renew his assault, but noticed his enemy turned away and covering his ears… What could he –

Blade felt the pop of the grenade’s explosion and turned to see the dark skinned creature reel. He covered his eyes and seemed to be far more disoriented than a normal human would be. All the better, thought Blade. He sheathed his katana and drew his pistol, intending to end this from a safe distance. Eric levelled his weapon at his opponent, but as soon as he lined a shot, the white haired man darted away, hand still at his brow. Blade fired two quick shots toward the retreating foe.

Whatever that explosive device had been, it had shocked Drizzt completely. He hadn’t felt so disoriented and blinded since his first days after leaving the Underdark. To make matters worse, some sort of projectile had struck his back as he fled, hitting him after two loud reports came from his opponents direction. His armor protected him, but he could feel the bruise already. This enemy was lethal, a more powerful foe than Drizzt had seen in some time. He would need to call on Guenhwyvar. Drizzt pulled out his figurine and began the process of summoning her from the Astral Plane… no sooner than he began however, did he hear the disembodied voice once more, this time seeming to speak directly to his mind, “Sorry, ranger, you’ll have to rely on your own talents to win this fight…  No reinforcements, this time!

He was on his own, then. His two swords and abilities against his foe and these new ranged weapons he was using. Drizzt leaned against the corner and peaked around to see if his opponent had moved. He was answered by another loud crack and a whizzing sound not far from his head. He had the ranger pinned down.

Blade crouched low behind a ledge that sheltered him from his enemy’s sight. He braced his pistol on the ledge to offer some increased accuracy… if only he had something with a little more firepower. Unfortunately, his standard array of equipment didn’t include any guns other than his pistols with silver bullets. Still, he was in the better position by this point. Now it was just a waiting game. Suddenly the world went dark and Blade couldn’t see anything at all. His hand still rested against the ledge, but he was completely blind. He fired two more shots into the darkness, trying to remain calm despite being now totally disoriented. He fired the last bullets in his clip toward his enemy’s last known location and then dropped the gun in favour of his katana.

Drizzt circled around the alleyways, coming at where his opponent seemed to be firing from from the side, rather than approaching him head on. A few more loud cracks coming from the area covered in the darkness he had created seemed to say that that had been a wise decision. Twinkle and Icingdeath in hand, Drizzt leaped into the impenetrable darkness, hoping he hadn’t underestimated the man once again.

Blade listened in the darkness for any sign of attack. His katana was directly in front of him and he backpedaled slowly, eventually finding a wall to back against. A sudden sound to his left caused him to raise his sword in defense and he immediately felt the shock of another object slamming into it. His enemy was attacking him and he was blind. Blade remained calm and relied on instinct and sound to carry him through the fight.

Drizzt had found his enemy in the darkness after he heard him thump against a wall of some sort. Unfortunately, he was just as blind as the enemy, but at least this stopped him from firing on Drizzt from a distance. With darkness everywhere, Drizzt, too, relied on sound and instinct to carry him through the fight, each swing of the sword was a brush stroke intended to etch out a painting of the enemy before him, how he was standing, how he moved. Drizzt let his instincts take over and his blades swung faster and faster, occasionally finding only air, occasionally bouncing off the opponent’s sword. Finally, Drizzt felt the familiar resistance of flesh. With that, the darkness vanished and Drizzt found himself standing alone in the alley, his enemy gone. He crouched, ready to find a new vantage point and defend against ambush, when the now familiar voice spoke again.

“Well fought, Dark Elf. You proved to be the stronger of the two combatants, even overcoming a severe disadvantage in terms of ordinance. Welcome to this man’s army, soldier.”

The Outcome

Victory – Drizzt. Blade’s abilities are absolutely devastating to undead and vampiric opponents, but more ordinary enemies can give him trouble. While the UV certainly hinders Drizzt due to his light sensitivity, it doesn’t harm him as it once might have due to his long stay on the surface world. Blade’s guns will certainly give him the upper hand, but as the bullets are hollow point, they don’t have the penetrating power to puncture Drizzt’s armor, which will act much like a Kevlar vest. Drizzt is a smart enough fighter to recognize the need to limit Blade’s ranged capability and once he does so, he is by far the better swordsman.

The Arena Pt. 2This Matchup is in part 2 of "The Arena" storyline. Blade is property of Marvel Comics, Drizzt Do'urden is property of R.A. Salvatore

3 Comments on the Intro

  1. Max Hoekstra, April 17, 2012:

    Go Blade!

  2. Dakota McIntire, April 17, 2012:

    Well, first off, we need to determine which version of Blade that will be in the fight, but from the hover over description saying that he is from London, that means we are to go off of the comic book version, rather than the movie version. So Blade can only have the abilities granted to him in the comic, such as a rapid healing factor, rather than the moderate one displayed in the movies. Next we have to compare the two fighter’s weaknesses: Blade’s are purely physical, while Drizzt has an aversion to light being a Drow, or dark elf. If the battle takes place in daylight, then Drizzt would have a minor disadvantage. That combined with Blade’s custom UV weaponry would give the advantage to Blade. However, if Drizzt were to summon his pet during the battle, especially towards the end when both combatants are weary, Blade would have to pull off some incredible stunts to overcome two opponents. This is going to be an interesting match, but I am going to have to give my initial advantage to blade, who is better equiped to fight beings with an aversion to light, as well as more modern weaponry.

  3. Justin, April 23, 2012:

    Unfortunately, Drizzt isn’t affected by sunlight anymore, it has been specifically stated in the books that the sunlight doesn’t bother his eyes anymore because of all the time he has spent in the light.

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