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Superhero Matchup!


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Aliases: Bruce Wayne, The Dark Knight

Abilities: Peak human condition, master of hand-to-hand combat, skilled at stealth, genius-level intellect. With Bat-suit: Enhanced vision & senses, able to resist small-arms fire and blades.

Equipment: Batarangs, Grapple-gun, Smoke-pellets

Home Location: Gotham City


Aliases: N/A

Abilities: Limited flight (Gliding), Super Strength and durability, enhanced senses, particularly sight and hearing. Ability to cling to and climb walls, regenerate from most injuries via stone-sleep during the day. Sharp claws. All four are well-trained in armed and unarmed combat techniques.

Equipment: N/A

Home Location: Castle Wyvern (Originally, on Wyvern Hill, West Coast of Scotland, currently in New York City)

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The Fight

Batman vs Goliath

Batman surveyed his surroundings and pondered quietly. This must be what had happened to both Bane and Ra’s… but what was the point? Why was he here? Although Batman had no desire for anything more than answers to these questions, he felt a strange compulsion to do as he was asked: find his enemy and finish him. To do that, Batman would have to find him first. Reaching into his belt, he pulled out his Grapple-gun and fired it at the top of the nearest building. Time to get a view of the situation.

Meanwhile, Goliath was climbing the side of the building nearest to him. He’d had a few moments of concern when he noticed the light in the area and couldn’t tell if it was dusk or dawn… but he soon realized that it was neither. The light didn’t come from an obvious source and it didn’t seem to be having an effect on him. Goliath pulled himself over the top of the building and looked around. He was fairly high up, but there were a few higher buildings in the distance. He would probably be better off surveying from there. With a running leap, Goliath took to the skies.

Bruce Wayne fired his grappling gun again and reached the top of the next building… he was fairly high up, now. The only taller structures he could see were off a ways in the distance. He moved towards the edge of the rooftop and scouted around. Before long, he saw his opponent, a hulking winged beast gliding towards him. He was some distance below and didn’t seem to notice Batman… yet. Batman crouched lower and continued watching. The creature didn’t seem to be gaining altitude… he was only gliding. Soon he reached the building and began climbing, his claws allowing him to climb with no trouble at all. It looked like the fight was coming to Batman.

In a single swift move, Goliath flung himself to the roof of the building he’d been climbing. This was the tallest of the structures in this area and he would have to base his scouting from this location. He glanced around the rooftop and then stopped. He was alone, but he had an uneasy feeling. Suddenly, movement erupted from the far corner of the building. A black figure flung to the roof and rolled towards Goliath, outstretching one arm as he did so. A pellet hit the ground and exploded into a cloud of thick, dark smoke. The cloaked man side stepped twice and continued moving towards the hulking gargoyle. Luckily, Goliath had no problem seeing all this, something his opponent had, no doubt, not anticipated. He rushed forward and outstretched his wings, slamming into his enemy with all his force and sending both of them careening through the air. Goliath held him close as the edge of the building fell out from beneath them. The man in his arms didn’t stop, however, and Goliath was surprised at how mobile he remained, aiming blows at his joints and weak spots. Not willing to risk any more tricks, Goliath simply opened his arms and watched as his opponent fell to his death.

Batman fell as he struggled to regain his breath and composure. The creature was enormously strong and seemed to have superhuman senses. A few deep breaths and Batman stretched his cape as far as he could and began to glide slowly to the ground. His foe would no doubt be coming after him once he realized that the fall would not be fatal. Batman closed his eyes and waited for the perfect moment. He continued gliding and when that moment came, he pulled out the grapple gun, aimed it upward and to his left and fired. As he rocketed upward, he heard the creature issue a roar of rage. Glancing below, Batman saw him gliding forward to the nearest building. He disengaged the grapple gun, spun around and tucked his cape to his sides, plunging towards his defenseless enemy.

This bat-like human had too many tricks up his sleeve, Goliath thought as the man rocketed skyward just out of his reach. The gargoyle decided he would have to take some chances if he was going to have any shot at coming out of this alive. He heard the device disengage from the ledge above and rolled onto his back… he lost the ability to continue gliding forward, but he now had a clear view of his enemy plummeting towards him. Once again, the two figures slammed into each other, however this time Goliath was in the less envious position. As they tumbled, the huge gargoyle flapped his wings, attempting to slow the descent while fighting off the rain of blows coming from his attacker. He had no way of knowing how far until the impact.

Batman fought with all his strength and prowess to keep the huge creature beneath him. Falling backwards made his wings nearly useless, but allowed him to use his hands to block the attacks being made against him. However, with almost no leverage to speak of, the winged beast couldn’t throw Batman around as easily as he had before. Batman saw the ground rushing to meet them and decided not to take any chances. He continued grappling with the creature, denying him the chance to fly away and recover, until the two slammed into the ground. The impact was devastating, but Batman had the better position, which allowed him quicker recovery. He stumbled away and turned to see his foe struggling to stand. Batman gave no quarter. Two quick movements launched a pair of batarangs away. They bounced harmlessly off the target’s skull, but threw him off balance. Quickly, Batman fired the grapple gun at him, and jerked it back once it connected. The beast stumbled forward, completely out of control. Dashing forward, the dark knight extended an arm and clotheslined the huge creature, knocking him to the ground. He rolled and struggled to get up, refusing to quit. With another swiftly executed move, Batman climbed onto his back, pinning the foes wings beneath his thighs and wrapping his arm around his neck. Before long, he dropped to the ground and Batman let go of the limp opponent.

In a flash, the body disappeared. “Well fought, Mister Wayne. Well fought indeed. Now please… let me introduce you to your soldiers.”


So, Batman moves on to become the leader of Team 2… Thanks for all the comments and votes!

The ArenaThis Matchup is part of "The Arena" storyline. Batman is property of DC comics, Goliath is property of Disney

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