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Superhero Matchup!

About Us

Have you ever found yourself wondering “Who would win in a fight”? We have. At Superhero Matchup, we strive to answer that question for you, one fight at a time.

We have new matchups every 2 weeks, typically posted on Sundays or Mondays. We add an intro first and ask for feedback on who you think will win, and after a week, we post the full match.

Superhero Matchup is obviously not limited to “Superheroes” in the conventional sense. Any character, fiction or non-fiction, is a potential contestant. We do, however, try to come up with creative fights – pitting together characters that typically wouldn’t run into each other.

We also have a Quick Match every week on Wednesdays on our Facebook page. “Like” us for exclusive access. These fights are reader-suggested, so feel free to throw any ideas at us.

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