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Superhero Matchup!

Solid Snake

Deadpool vs Solid Snake

The Merc with the Mouth faces off with the Legendary Soldier. Which of these mercs will come out on top?

Captain Jack Sparrow vs Dread Pirate Roberts

Two cunning pirates and masterful swordsman enter the ring of battle, and one comes out…. who will it be??

The Undead Saga – Part 3

Rick Grimes, Buffy Summers, Leon Kennedy are all that remain after Dr. Neville sacrificed himself for the group. But what is this place? Why are there zombies everywhere?

The Undead Saga – Part 2

The herd is thinned as our heroes struggle to survive this apocalyptic nightmare…

The Undead Saga – Part 1

The champions of our undead matchups meet up and face off against an even bigger threat…

Rick Grimes vs Robert Neville

The hero from “The Walking Dead” faces off against the last survivor in NYC from “I am Legend” – two expert survivors in a land of the undead.

Sauron vs The Lich King

Buffy vs Rayne (BloodRayne)

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These women are both exceptional vampire hunters and killers of the undead in their own right. What will happen when they face off against each other?

Mr. Incredible vs Luke Cage

Leon Kennedy vs Ash Williams (Evil Dead)

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Expert killers of the undead face off in this apocalyptic showdown! Who will come out on top?

Xenomorphs (Aliens) vs Andalites (Animorphs)

Kratos vs Dante

Asterix the Gaul vs Popeye the Sailor

Hellboy vs The Thing

Jedi vs Wizards

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